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Vehicle Inspection Station opened in Kerki

Vehicle Inspection Station opened in Kerki

A new building of the Vehicle Inspection Station at the Traffic Department of the Kerki District Police Department commissioned in a solemn ceremony in the city of Kerki, Lebap Region, the ‘Neutral Turkmenistan’ Newspaper reports.

The new building has all the conditions for determining the technical condition of cars. During the technical inspection, the transport will be diagnosed with the help of special computers allowing to quickly and most completely determine its condition. The modern devices installed here can provide information of the technical condition of engine`s health, running gear, electrical system, muffler and other parts of vehicles in just a few minutes. If any defect identified, specialists will give appropriate recommendations for its eradication.

This is the second such modern facility in the Lebap Region. A few years ago, Vehicle Inspection Station commissioned at the Traffic Department of the Lebap Region Police Department, equipped with modern diagnostic technology.

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