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“Angel number”, under the motto of which the new year 2022 will be held

“Angel number”, under the motto of which the new year 2022 will be held

Everyone always has high hopes for the New Year and, of course, wants peace, health and prosperity. To understand what the coming 2022 promises us, whether this number is beautiful or frightening, numerologists calculate the “universal number of the year”. This is the sum of all the numbers that make it up, which determines the general energy background and the main theme of the year. This is done like this - 2022: 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6.

The year 2022 will come into its own with the magic number six - this is, first of all, kindness, stability and wisdom. In addition, in numerology, the six is often viewed as a parental figure and is associated with caring and compassion, and also gives an orientation to the family. Many may get married, start a serious relationship or decide to get married after long-term relationships, while others are encouraged to meet with relatives more often.

Thus, the universal number 2022 carries extremely positive vibrations. And the presence of a two, which is repeated three times, is the very “number of the angel”. In general, in numerology, two is the number of balance, the peacemaker. This is a figure of compromise and an attempt to find common ground. By all indicators, 2022 can become a unifying year, and you can call it not the year “I”, but the year “we”, reports the edition.

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