The winners of the “Golden Ball” 2021 will receive a watch from the Purnell brand

The winners of the “Golden Ball” 2021 will receive a watch from the Purnell brand

A unique watch from the Swiss watch brand Purnell, created especially for the winner of the “Golden Ball”, will be presented to the owner of the prestigious football trophy at the award ceremony to be held tonight in Paris at the “Châtelet” Theater.

The design of the luxury product is unique - it is decorated with a miniature golden ball located at the bottom of the dial.

The Purnell brand, founded in 2006 by Jonathan Purnell, is known for its magnificent watch models, the main feature of which is sophisticated movements, brought to perfection.

And the main trophy “Golden Ball” is created by the French jewelry house Mellerio dits Meller, which has been making jewelry for kings, nobles and influential organizations for fifteen generations.

The “Golden Ball” is awarded to the best player at the end of the year by the French edition of France Football. This individual award was last presented in 2019. The experts call the main contenders for the prize football players Robert Lewandowski, Lionel Messi and Jorginho.

In addition to the men's “Golden Ball”, the “Women's Golden Ball”, the “Lev Yashin Trophy” and the prize for the best young player of the year will also be awarded, reports.

The live broadcast of the ceremony will be shown by “Match TV”, which is scheduled to start at 22:30 Moscow time.

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