“Arassa Nusga” presents “ERP Logo Tiger” in Turkmenistan

“Arassa Nusga” presents “ERP Logo Tiger” in Turkmenistan

Consulting company “Arassa Nusga” become an official distributor of “ERP Logo Tiger” program.

This program allows you to control and monitor warehouses and stocks of goods there, plan orders and simplify document flow. The use of “Logo Tiger” also allows you to minimize human labor and reduce the impact of the “human factor” on the operational processes of the movement of goods and services.

The company “Arassa Nusga” provides comprehensive consulting services for business development, management process automation installations, management accounting systems, CRM systems and other systems in accordance with international standards based on Logo Tiger. The company also provides e-marketing services, including the development of websites and the implementation of ISO standards in enterprises.

More detailed information can be found in the article or on the website.

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