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Which three signs of the zodiac are lucky this March

Which three signs of the zodiac are lucky this March

Today is the last day of winter, and we sincerely congratulate you on the onset of spring days, dear users of “Turkmenportal”!

Spring will bring with it energy, new ideas and opportunities, and, of course, a positive mood! Astrologer Vasilisa Volodina shared what kind of zodiac signs will be especially lucky in March, reports


Pisces will be the real kings and queens of this March. Delighted attention will be drawn to them. They look great, and they are given a chance to show themselves to the world in all their glory: their talents, capabilities, professionalism. It is expected that in March all Pisces will live in blogger mode, when any detail of their life becomes public. Maybe this is good, but the situation is emotionally difficult, not familiar to Pisces: it will be difficult to hide or cover up something from the public eye.


Thanks to the powerful group of planets of Aquarius, new goals have already been set for this sign of the zodiac. And now, when everything has already begun, the case has started, March will add important additional details to it and open up new opportunities. There is a nuance that will be, perhaps, the most unpleasant fact of March - you have to pay for everything: prepare money.


Before going in any direction, Capricorns always probe the situation. In March, this tactic will not work - you can safely surrender to the stream of life without straining, without thinking in advance. Let events guide you! In the first half of March there will be very important acquaintances that will enrich you spiritually. But casual acquaintances at the end of March may be dubious - you may run into scammers.

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