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On the eve of the Turkmenistan Women's Day MBA draws up the main prize

On the eve of the Turkmenistan Women's Day MBA draws up the main prize

On the eve of March 8, MBA Turkmenistan announces the start of the competition, where the main prize will be the opportunity to receive education under the MBA Mini program.

Drawing conditions:

1. Subscribe to @mba_turkmenistan @ish_nokady_'s accounts on Instagram;
2. Repost your ad into history, also mentioning @mba_turkmenistan @ish_nokady_ accounts;
3. In the comments under the post on Instagram mark 3 friends;
4. Write to Direct “I participate” and leave your contact details (phone number and e-mail).

Once all of these conditions are met, each participant will receive their individual number in Direct.

Your account must be open while participating in the draw!

List of prizes:

  • 1st place - MBA Mini;
  • 2nd place - Director courses;
  • 3rd place - Course “Cash Flow”;
  • 4th place - Subscription, which allows one month free to attend events from “Ish Nokady”.

The draw will be announced on March 9 at the “Ish Nokady” coworking center.

Also on this day will be a program dedicated to the holiday of March 8, where a special guest will be one of the representatives of the beauty salon @dessange_turkmenistan - Apkarov Vitaly with a master class for representatives of the beautiful floor.

The event starts at 18:30.

All participants will have the opportunity to visit the event.

For those who are unable to attend this evening in person, a live broadcast will be held at the end of the day.

For all questions please contact:

+993 12 46-81-65 

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