President of Turkmenistan pointed to shortcomings in the energy sector

President of Turkmenistan pointed to shortcomings in the energy sector

At a working meeting on the development of the construction and industrial complex held today, the President of Turkmenistan criticized the work of enterprises in the energy sector, the State News Agency reported.

The leader of the nation noted that the production capacity in the electric power sector was used by 44.8 percent, instructing to carry out proper work to increase them at the branch enterprises.

Stressing that the state has made huge investments in the industrial, energy and chemical industries, the head of Turkmenistan pointed out the need to achieve the efficiency and profitability of specialized structures, their functioning at full design capacity.

Continuing the topic, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that at present, out of 36 gas turbines installed at the country's power plants, only 2 have been overhauled, and repair work continues on two. It is also necessary to overhaul gas turbine equipment at 9 sites.

Special attention should be paid to the immediate implementation of these works for the uninterrupted supply of electricity to the population, timely purchase of spare parts and consumables for specialized equipment and power lines. Along with this, the leader of the nation instructed to accelerate the introduction of an electronic payment system for making payments for consumed electricity.

Speaking about the special importance attached to the energy industry, the head of Turkmenistan outlined digitalization, the development of the electric power system, the modernization of existing and construction of new power plants among the key tasks in this direction.

It is also necessary to completely complete the electrification of the country, to increase the volume of electricity supplied to neighboring states. In this context, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov focused on the importance of completing the construction of a power transmission line along the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan route.


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