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Expert opinion: active dynamics of industrial development was noted in Turkmenistan in 2020

Expert opinion: active dynamics of industrial development was noted in Turkmenistan in 2020

On the pages of the electronic edition, an expert in this area Valentin Trapeznikov gave an overview of the economic development of Turkmenistan in 2020, drawing attention to the fact that, despite the global difficulties due to the pandemic, the country demonstrated significant achievements in almost all sectors of the national economy.

As the expert noted, one of the indicators is stable growth at the main economic sites. The industrial sector, which occupies a leading position in the structure of the country's gross domestic product (GDP), showed excellent results. According to the results of 12 months of last year, the share of industry in GDP was about 27.8%. At the same time, the cost of manufactured products exceeded 59 billion manats.

The bulk of the value of industrial production was formed by enterprises of the fuel and energy complex (FEC), whose share amounted to more than 40% of the total industrial production.

It is necessary to note an increase in comparison with 2019 in the total volume of industrial production at large and medium-sized enterprises of the electric power industry, oil, chemical, woodworking, light and food industries, as well as the production of building materials.

The highest production growth rates in 2020 were recorded for the following types of products: electricity (19.4%), gasoline (10.0%), liquefied hydrocarbon gases (22.4%), polyethylene (more than 2.1 times), polypropylene (25.4%), mineral fertilizers (36.8%), plastic and fiberglass pipes (27.5%), cotton fiber (18.2%).

In addition, the production of pharmaceuticals also increased during this period - the growth rate was 5.5%, fittings, corners and profiles - 3.2%, sheet glass - 1.7%, garments and knitwear - 2.8%, cotton yarn - 4.3%, canned fruits and vegetables - 7.3%, butter - 3.4%, bakery products - 1.2%, pasta - 3.3% and soft drinks by 7.1%.

Speaking about the contribution of the non-state sector, one can note a significant increase in comparison with the last year in the production of plastic products by 52.2%, plastic and fiberglass pipes - by 33.9%.

At the same time, an increase was recorded in the production of wall materials - by 19.4%, cotton fiber - by 14.2%, footwear - by 4.7 times. In the food industry, flour - by 40.2%, fish products - by 8.2%, pasta - by 13.4%, ice cream - by 15.5%, canned fruits and vegetables - by 8.7%, soft drinks - by 8.6%.

The Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan enterprises are taking an active part in the implementation of the most important national programs, including programs for import substitution and forcing the export of domestic products, the expert noted.


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