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“Hyjuwly lachyn” will help in solving personnel issues

“Hyjuwly lachyn” will help in solving personnel issues

Recruitment agency “Hyjuwly lachyn” offers employers and employees qualified services for the selection of personnel and the search for vacancies. Using a multi-stage candidate selection system, “Hyjuwly lachyn” provides the best choice for both parties. In addition, when paying for its services, the “Hyjuwly lachyn” agency works according to the “65% to 35%” scheme, that is, the fee from the candidate's first earnings is 35 percent (and not 50, as is usually the case).

Recruitment agency “Hyjuwly lachyn” makes a significant contribution to the development of the labor market in Turkmenistan, providing high-quality selection of candidates and providing reliable information about vacancies to applicants.


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