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Official site of JSCB "Turkmen-Turkish Bank" changed domain

Official site of JSCB "Turkmen-Turkish Bank" changed domain

Official website of joint-stock commercial bank “Turkmen – Turkish bank” moved to new domain, now it is located by the address: However, the previous links and site content have not changed.

JSCB “Turkmen – Turkish bank” offers to its clients to attach “Internet banking” service to the banking card in order to receive the possibility to execute the payments of the following services via Internet on the territory of Turkmenistan:

  • View the balance and movement of funds on bank accounts;
  • Payment of mortgages and other bank loans;
  • Payment for cellular services “Altyn Asyr”;
  • Payment for city telephone network services;
  • Payment for IPTV services (AGTS);
  • Payment for Internet services (AGTS);
  • фReceiving statements of bank card transactions.

To connect to the Internet-banking service, you need to contact the bank. For customers using this service, the bank offers the “Mobilbank” service, as well as through special software to carry out the above banking operations in a more modern and convenient form. To activate this service, it is enough to have a passport (copy) and a mobile phone with you.

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