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Turkmenistan leads in terms of gasoline supplies to Afghanistan

Turkmenistan leads in terms of gasoline supplies to Afghanistan

Turkmenistan takes first place on gasoline supply volumes to Afghanistan, and also is one of the three largest suppliers of diesel petrol and liquefied gas. This piece of news is informed by the website “Afghanistan today” with the link to the data of the National statistics and information management of Afghanistan (NSIA).

According to the information, for 9 months of 2020, more than 337 thousand tons of motor gasoline and about 40 thousand tons of diesel fuel of various grades, more than 147 thousand tons of liquefied gas, more than 4 thousand tons of gas condensate, about 1.4 thousand tons of polypropylene and other products of the oil and gas complex, with a total value of more than 230 million US dollars.

Additionally, duty-free supplies of oil products were carried out to Afghanistan, including more than 140 thousand tons of diesel fuel, 30 thousand tons of aviation kerosene and other fuel and energy products. In accordance with the results of the three quarters of 2020, their cost amounted to more than 180 million US dollars.

Note that fuel is transported to the neighboring country mainly by rail. The international steel mainline of the first stage Atamurat - Ymamnazar - Akina was commissioned at the end of 2016.

The terminal for receiving, storing and shipment of oil products in Ymamnazar is a large structure along the entire 88-kilometer route. It is spread over an area of 26 hectares near the Afghan border. Equipment of German and Italian production is installed at the facility.

On the territory, there are 10 huge metal tanks. An extensive network of communications leads to them, connected by powerful pumps in separate rooms. Gasoline delivered in tank wagons by separate railway branch is pumped into tanks from special overpasses by their types and brands. 

We remind that Turkmenistan also is the main supplier of aviation kerosene, gasoline and diesel fuel to Georgia. 


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