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What will 2021 be like for zodiac signs?

What will 2021 be like for zodiac signs?

The new year 2021 will be marked by the White Metal Bull. By itself, the bull is a hardworking and noble animal, and the Metal bull especially values decency, the ability to keep his word, patience. Those who do not have such qualities in stock can expect dissatisfaction from the owner of the year.

Here is the year horoscope from Cosmopolitan for all zodiac signs.


The results of work in 2021 for Aries will become the most noticeable not only to themselves, but also to those around them. It will become clear that everything was not in vain, and therefore you can relax a little and exhale: most likely, it is in the year of the Ox that the most phenomenal result will be obtained, which will be expressed in financial or other benefits. No wonder astrologers are sure that Aries will be lucky in the year of the Ox.


It is likely that it is the Bull that will give Taurus the strength that they lacked to implement their plans, and it is in 2021 that previously hidden opportunities and talents will appear, which will become the very driving force without which not everything was possible before. Both men and women born under this sign will be successful in business and in most of the things they take on. A period of career success is coming with the right priorities.


Gemini should be attentive to all important decisions - if they forget to take some factors into account, it will take a long time to correct the situation. The bull will help in all new affairs, because the Gemini will be among the lucky ones, but you should not rely only on him, you need to make efforts to achieve what was planned.


Most likely, 2021 will be a year of change for Cancers. Cancers' beliefs will change, and with them will change their views on many things - on doing business, on relationships, on friendship. This is a period of new acquaintances, strengthening old ties and parting with those who are no longer on the way. In the Cancer family, everything is stable, significant changes will not have to wait.


Leos will have to make decisions on their own, and even those that will be difficult for them. This responsibility will be beneficial: the business will go uphill, the career will develop, the business will be profitable. There is no need to postpone important matters indefinitely, you need to make a decision, even if it seems not the most pleasant. All this can lead to stress and health problems, and therefore it is better not to be nervous, at least over trifles.


At work, you will not only have to work, but literally plow. Efforts will be appreciated - this can result in career advancement, an award, and respect for colleagues. The most important thing is to insist on your own and not deviate from the intended path, acting according to the plan and moving forward. There is a way out even in the most difficult situation.


Libra must remember that in the Year of the Ox, a lot depends on them. The right decision will be rewarded, and the mistake will have to be corrected for many weeks or even months. In the coming year, you can conquer new heights: take a higher position or apply for a higher salary. Success, however, depends on the Libra themselves, not on those around them. Astrologers claim that Libra is lucky next year.


At the risk of changing something in their life, no matter what sphere it is, Scorpios, most likely, will not lose. Luck will be on their side, and even the most daring decisions will turn out to be correct, although not everyone will appreciate this risk. Time will confirm the correctness of the chosen direction, and gradually colleagues and loved ones, who did not approve of the changes, will recognize the correctness of Scorpio. The family, however, is likely to be on the side of the Scorpio man anyway.


Success of sagittarius largely depends on how well they can build relationships with colleagues and partners. Well-established communication will allow you to conquer new heights, and disagreements will only slow down progress. If things go uphill, the results can be overwhelming. Lonely Sagittarius are more likely to find a suitable partner, and married Sagittarius will feel united with their spouse. Luck is one of the traits of the coming year for Sagittarius.


On the way to the goal, Capricorns face many obstacles. The one who successfully overcomes all barriers will be able to achieve what he wants, while maintaining good relations with close people and business partners. It is especially important to prioritize by choosing the really important and discarding the secondary. The family will become a reliable stronghold in which to find support. Those who have not yet married should remember that the Year of the Ox can be a good time to get married.


The Year of the Ox for Aquarius is a period of creative growth, the realization of what was conceived, an opportunity to finally share your ideas with the world. Most likely, they will be accepted positively, and non-standard solutions will really allow you to cope with problems. Aquarians will experience a lot of positive emotions associated with work and personal life in the coming year.


In 2021, Pisces can achieve more than any of the other signs. Pisces will feel incredible efficiency, they will literally gush with ideas, and the embodiment of these ideas will turn out to be quite real.

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