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“Ak Tam Bazary” has a new partner

“Ak Tam Bazary” has a new partner

“Ak Tam Bazary” presents new products from the “EMEL” trademark produced by ES “SynToprak”: disinfectants with an alcohol content of 80%.

In January of this year, two young friends Hojamyradov Myrat and Mammadov Dovlet, given the demand for antiseptics in the market, came up with the idea to start a new business. Working according to all WHO standards, in September they began to produce antiseptics and sanitizers of the “EMEL” brand. The name translated into Russian means “medicine for the hands”: “em” is a drug, medicine, “el” is a hand.

The slogan of the company: “Tämiz eller - sagdyn durmuş”, which means “Clean hands - healthy life”.

In modern and technologically advanced production, various types of antiseptics and sanitizers with a volume of 100-150 ml are produced. In the future, the company plans to produce 500 ml antiseptics and other hygiene products.

More details about the brand can be found here.


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