Astronomical winter has come in Turkmenistan

Astronomical winter has come in Turkmenistan

Today astronomical winter has come to Turkmenistan – the length of daylight is just 9 hours 32 minutes. On the 21st of December, the whole world observes the winter solstice: when the shortest day and the longest night falls on Earth.

Solstice is the moment when the distance from the Sun to Earth’s equator is the biggest. From this moment on the northern hemisphere starts astronomical winter, the day gradually will become longer and the night – shorter. 

From the 22nd of December, the durability if daytime hours will increase.

The situation in the southern hemisphere is reverse. There December solstice marks the longest day in the year and the beginning of summer in Australia, Argentina and South Africa.

People in Singapore, located only in 137 kilometers from equator, will hardly notice the difference, because the daytime hours are nine minutes shorter than at the time of summer solstice. 

The difference is more notable in Saint-Petersburg, where the sun rose at 10 am and set at 3:53 pm, which means less than six hours of daylight.


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