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Enterprises of the Ministry of Trade of Turkmenistan will be transformed into joint stock companies

Enterprises of the Ministry of Trade of Turkmenistan will be transformed into joint stock companies

As informs today’s newspaper “Neutral Turkmenistan”, Deputy prime minister Chary Gylyjov reported on the gradual transformation of production enterprises of the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations into joint-stock companies at the meeting of the Government on December, 17.

Currently there are 157 enterprises that are under the supervision of the Ministry, the work of which mainly directed to wholesale trade and storing of reserve of goods in warehouse premises, rendering of retail trade and public catering, agricultural processing and more services.

An analysis of the list of objects that are going private in the aim of execution of assignments earlier given by the head of state on the meeting of the Government. On the first stage, it is planned to upgrade and transform 20 objects into open joint-stock corporations with the shared participation of the enterprises themselves and the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the country. 

After having received the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov underlined the trade sector has been assigned important tasks to increase the output of various products, to form new, high-tech processing enterprises for the production of various and competitive goods and food products based on the efficient use of local raw materials.

Manufactured domestic products must correspond quality and ecology standards, in order to do this trade facilities should be equipped with advanced high-tech equipment, noted President, and gave specific instructions to Vice prime minister. 

By underling the fact that economic effect of privatization of state property is called upon to contribute to the further advancement of the ongoing progressive reforms in the country and noting the importance of strict implementation of high-priority task in this direction, the head of state instructed the Deputy Prime Minister to make every effort to implement the plans.


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