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Manufacturers of "Form" products invite you to cooperate

Manufacturers of "Form" products invite you to cooperate

"Form" manufacturers offer their perfume products to the Turkmen consumer - colognes-sanitizers, liquid gels and air fresheners produced in Turkey. The company also invites to cooperation of businessmen of Turkmenistan and other countries of the world.

Nowadays, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are increasingly popular – they not only kill viruses and bacteria, but also give the skin a pleasant aroma, and are also used for sanitizing small household items.

Colognes of the "Form" brand are poured in plastic containers with a volume from 0.5 ml to 5 liters. If you wish, you can choose colognes with the aroma of lemon, lavender, olives. The alcohol content of 80 percent.

Recently, Form has established the production of bottled perfumes that imitate the flavors of famous brands. The perfume collection of men's and women's fragrances can meet any needs.

Form air fresheners do not contain gases harmful to the ozone layer, they are convenient to spray, and due to the alcohol content, they also have disinfecting properties.

You can get acquainted with all the products of the "Form" brand by clicking on the link.


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