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The President of Turkmenistan held a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers

The President of Turkmenistan held a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers

Current issues of state policy, as well as drafts of a number of documents were considered at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan, which was held today in a video conference by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

At the beginning of the meeting, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers G. Mushshikov reported on practical steps to introduce a digital system in the economy and provide various services to the population in electronic format.

In this regard, the Deputy Prime Minister presented to the head of Turkmenistan a proposal on the use of digital systems in the process of processing loans provided by banks to citizens of the country.

Having approved the submitted proposal, the head of state instructed the Deputy Prime Minister to keep in the center of constant attention the implementation of the work outlined in the "Concept for the development of the digital economy in Turkmenistan in 2019-2025".

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov also ordered to conduct explanatory work among the population on the importance of introducing new banking services in electronic format.

Then Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers M. Meredov reported on the ongoing work to further improve the activities of oil and gas enterprises and promote a number of investment projects implemented in accordance with the "program for the development of the oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan for the period up to 2030".

A draft Resolution "on concluding an additional agreement for the provision of services to increase the flow rate of oil wells in the Goturdepe oil and gas field" was submitted to the head of state for consideration.

After signing the Resolution, the President of the country sent it to the Deputy Prime Minister, giving specific instructions related to attracting foreign investment, world best practices and modern technologies.

In turn, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers E. Orazgeldiev reported on the creation of a special agricultural land Fund in the velayats of the country for growing crops included in the state order.

Land plots from these funds will be provided for use by agricultural producers for up to 99 years. At the same time, 70 percent of the Fund's land is proposed to be used on a contractual basis for growing wheat, cotton and other agricultural crops included in the state order. The remaining land can be sown with other crops for scientific rotation, provided that the plan for wheat and cotton production is fully implemented.

Summing up the report, the President of Turkmenistan ordered to keep in the center of attention the large-scale transformations carried out in agriculture.

The head of state gave the Deputy Prime Minister a number of specific instructions related to seasonal agricultural work, implementation of advanced technologies and scientific achievements, improvement of land fertility, and rational use of water resources.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers B. Ovezov reported on the work carried out in the supervised sectors, improvement of the material and technical base of the transport and communication complex, including measures taken to further ensure the full operation of the Turkmenbashi International sea port.

The Deputy Prime Minister reported that the Agency "Türkmendeńizderýaýollary" is currently working on the development of the Navy, attracting foreign investment by expanding the range of services provided.

The head of state was also informed about the state of Affairs in the temporarily supervised sectors, including the construction sector, the chemical and electric power industries, and the ongoing work on industrial and social facilities.

After hearing the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that in recent years our country has been carrying out large-scale work on the development of transport corridors, which contributes to the establishment of Turkmenistan as an important transit hub of the continent. This also provides conditions for further strengthening the socio-economic potential of the region and expanding its transport and logistics infrastructure.

In this context, the President of the country pointed out the need to modernize the industry infrastructure and introduce the latest technologies.

At the same time, the leader of the nation focused on continuous control over improving the quality of services in the field of passenger and cargo transportation on all types of transport, providing modern types of communication.

The development of the transport sector will continue to be among the priorities of our policy, the head of state said.

Stressing that large-scale international projects are being implemented in the country, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov instructed the Deputy Prime Minister to make every effort to implement the plans.

The leader of the nation also pointed out the need to keep under constant personal control issues related to the construction of facilities, paying special attention to their uninterrupted supply of necessary construction and finishing materials.

The next speaker was Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers Ch. Gylyjov, who reported on the work on the implementation of the socio-economic strategy in the shopping complex, solving the priority tasks outlined by the head of state in this area.

Information was provided on measures to develop the textile industry. It was reported that environmentally friendly products of domestic textile enterprises are in high demand both among local consumers and in foreign markets.

Pointing out the importance of ensuring high quality, expanding the range of products, further development of the service sector and marketing, the leader of the nation addressed a number of specific instructions to the Deputy Prime Minister.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers M. Mammedova, reporting on the state of Affairs in the supervised areas, reported on the ongoing work to improve the activities of the media.

As noted, in accordance with the Concept of digital economy development in Turkmenistan in 2020-2025, developed at the initiative of the President of the country, new tools, models and technologies are being introduced into the work processes and organizational structures of the media.

In the course of their digital transformation, an internal network has been established between creative and production divisions, and interaction between newspaper and magazine editorial offices and technical production is being optimized.

In this context, the head of state submitted proposals for reorganizing the work of a number of Newspapers and magazines.

Summing up the report, the President of the country focused on the key tasks of the domestic media, designed to widely promote the achievements of Turkmenistan, the priorities of its domestic and foreign policy, and cover the most important events.

As the head of state Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov emphasized, the transfer of printed periodicals from traditional paper media to electronic format and Internet versions is one of the directions of digitalization of the Turkmen mass media, the purpose of which is to bring them to the level of modern standards.

In this regard, it is necessary to study and master the best world experience, actively apply new media technologies and develop joint information projects, and improve the skills of journalists, the Turkmen leader said.

Having approved the proposals submitted for further improvement of the work of Newspapers and magazines, the head of state instructed to speed up the transition to an electronic system, which will increase the level of awareness of the international community about the life of our country.

Then Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers M. Geldiniyazov reported on the state of Affairs in the areas under his supervision, the work being done to promote and approve the principles of a healthy lifestyle in society and promote various sports, including Cycling.

Turkmenistan, as a member of the International Olympic Committee and the Olympic Council of Asia, makes a worthy contribution to the development of the Olympic movement. An important step on this path will be the upcoming world Cycling championship on October 13-17, 2021 on the bike track of the Ashgabat Olympic town, the Deputy Prime Minister said, presenting the draft of the relevant Resolution to the head of state.

Noting the importance of the world track Cycling Championship, which will be a clear confirmation of fruitful cooperation with international sports organizations, including the International Cycling Union, the leader of the nation ordered to take all measures to hold this prestigious tournament at a high level.

After signing the Decree "on holding the world Cycling championship in Ashgabat in 2021", the President of Turkmenistan sent it to the Deputy Prime Minister, giving a number of specific instructions to solve the tasks outlined in the document.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, Minister of foreign Affairs R. Meredov reported to the head of state Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on the plans of Turkmenistan's cooperation with international organizations in the near future.

In this context, it was reported on the draft Program for the development of energy diplomacy of Turkmenistan for 2021-2025. This document defines the key areas of cooperation with UN specialized agencies, the International energy Agency, the Energy Charter Secretariat and other relevant structures.

Much attention in our country is also paid to the issues of rational use of natural resources, improving energy efficiency, and strengthening and actively using the potential of alternative energy.

To this end, a draft National strategy for the development of renewable energy in Turkmenistan until 2030 has been prepared jointly with UNDP, OSCE, and the International renewable energy Agency (IRENA), which defines priority tasks in this direction.

An important aspect of partnership with international organizations is the introduction of modern technologies and innovations in all sectors of the economy. Here, a key role is also assigned to strengthening interaction with specialized structures, and in particular, with the world intellectual property organization (WIPO).

At the moment, together with WIPO, a draft program for the development of the intellectual property system of Turkmenistan for 2021-2025 has been prepared, which provides for taking comprehensive steps to solve the tasks set in this area.

Cooperation with international organizations in the humanitarian field, aimed at improving the functioning of democratic institutions and the effective implementation of our country's obligations in the field of human rights, is fruitful.

In this regard, it was noted that the national action plan on gender equality for 2015-2020 is currently being implemented. The relevant state institutions of Turkmenistan, together with UNDP and the United Nations Population Fund, have prepared a draft of a similar Plan for the next five years.

Under the leadership of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, our country also actively cooperates with international organizations in such important areas as ensuring security and countering global challenges and threats.

In this context, in December last year, the head of state Approved the national strategy for preventing violent extremism and countering terrorism for 2020-2024.

In order to implement it in practice, the relevant ministries and departments of Turkmenistan, together with the UN counter-terrorism office and the UN Regional center for preventive diplomacy for Central Asia, have developed a draft National action plan for 2021-2024.

The preparation of the final versions of the above-mentioned long-term documents is currently well under way and is in the final stage.

Summing up the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stressed that interaction with international organizations is one of the priorities of the foreign policy strategy of neutral Turkmenistan, aimed at the dynamic development of both bilateral and multilateral cooperation. In the format of this fruitful partnership, our country regularly comes up with specific proposals aimed at solving the key challenges of our time.

The fact that the United Nations General Assembly adopted a number of resolutions initiated by Turkmenistan clearly demonstrates their relevance and relevance, and their compliance with the long-term interests of the world community.

Demonstrating its unwavering commitment to its commitments, our country carries out multi-faceted cooperation with the UN and its specialized agencies, which is of a strategic nature, closely interacts with other authoritative international structures, and is ready to build up the established effective ties in the above-mentioned and other areas.

Speaking of which, the President approved the draft documents and instructed Deputy Prime Minister, head of the foreign Ministry to continue systematic work in this area, including in the context of practical implementation put forward by Turkmenistan's constructive initiatives.

Then the floor was given to the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, Secretary of the State Security Council Ch. Amanov, who reported on the implementation by the country's military and law enforcement agencies of the priority tasks set by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for the successful implementation of military reform.

After hearing the report, the leader of the nation noted that, guided by the provisions of the defensive Military doctrine adopted in accordance with a peaceful and humane state policy, practical steps will continue to be taken to consistently strengthen the material and technical base of the security forces.

Focusing on the importance of ensuring coordinated activities of the military and law enforcement agencies, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed specific instructions to the Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary of the state security Council.

Chairman of the Mejlis G. Mammedova informed the head of state about the activities of the Parliament to modernize the national legislation.

It was emphasized that the development of new legal acts is carried out in the context of state policy priorities and taking into account the priority tasks set by the President of Turkmenistan to the deputies.

Currently, on the basis of proposals of relevant ministries and sectoral departments and drafts bills in the field of labor relations, protection of rights and interests of citizens, the effective and efficient use of land and energy, creating renewable energy, public health, disease prevention, improvement of activities of local authorities and other social issues to which the leader of the nation Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov pays special attention.

Draft laws are developed taking into account generally recognized norms of international law and national experience in lawmaking.

There was also information about strengthening inter-parliamentary relations and expanding cooperation with the UN and its structures, other authoritative international organizations. In this context, information was provided on online activities carried out in collaboration with the inter-Parliamentary Union, who, UNFF, and UNICEF.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stressed the urgency of further consistent improvement of the national legislative framework in the context of strengthening the foundations of a democratic, legal, secular Turkmen state, ensuring high rates of economic development, and steadily increasing the welfare of citizens.

The head of state stressed the importance of deputies ' participation in the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Fatherland's neutrality, which should be organized at a high level.

Summing up the meeting, the President of Turkmenistan noted that at the end of the calendar year, it is necessary to analyze the implementation of the most important government instructions, one of which is the digitalization of the economy.

In this regard, the leader of the nation Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov gave specific instructions for consistent work in the field of analysis of the development of the national economy.

We have adopted a program for converting the country to a digital system, on the basis of which programs are defined for each Ministry and branch Department, the head of state said and instructed to monitor their implementation.

In turn, the Deputy Prime Ministers were instructed to prepare reports on the activities of the supervised industries. At the next meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, the leader of the nation continued, we will hear reports of the Deputy Chairmen of the Cabinet of Ministers and hyakims of velayats on the work done, and at the meeting of the state security Council – reports of the heads of military and law enforcement agencies.

During the meeting, specific instructions were given to organize high-level international events on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Turkmenistan's neutrality. The leader of the nation also gave orders related to the celebration of the New year.

Other important issues of state life were also considered at the meeting, and relevant decisions were made on them, the state news Agency of Turkmenistan reports.

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