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Batyr Orazdurdyev (“Turkmen hemrasy”): The first commercial satellite operator of Turkmenistan invites you to cooperate!

Batyr Orazdurdyev (“Turkmen hemrasy”): The first commercial satellite operator of Turkmenistan invites you to cooperate!

“Closed joint-stock company "Turkmen hemrasy", as the first commercial national operator of satellite communications, is ready to solve problems and provide services to ensure uninterrupted and high-quality satellite communications and invites all interested parties to mutually beneficial cooperation!” -said at the international conference "Türkmentel-2020" General Director of the CJSC "Turkmen hemrasy" Batyr Orazdurdyev.  

In his presentation on the development of satellite communications in Turkmenistan, he, in particular, said the following.

"Turkmenistan is confidently following the path of progress. As you know, in 2015, our first communication satellite "TürkmenÄlem 52.00 E" was launched into orbit, which allowed us to provide communication to hard-to-reach territories of our country, transmit and receive information flows at a high speed. In the same year was created the CJSC "Turkmen hemrasy".

Currently, satellite communications are used in the country in various industries and infrastructures of the country. The main types of services provided are: satellite segment rental, TV and radio broadcasting, broadband Internet access, traffic transit service for fixed-line mobile operators, video conferencing services, telemedicine.

Thanks to a well-developed marketing strategy, we always manage to find the best solution for our customers, which helps “Turkmen hemrasy” to remain a key player in the market of satellite services in Central Asia and the Middle East.

Currently, the satellite "TürkmenÄlem 52.00 E" broadcasts to 150 TV and radio channels in Russian, English, Turkish and Turkmen languages. 52nd degree is also an important position for broadcasting 60 Farsi and Pashto language channels. Thanks to the wide coverage of the territory of Iran and Afghanistan, residents of these countries can receive our signals without interruption.

A significant share is occupied by fixed satellite communication services. 10 foreign companies engaged in the production of hydrocarbon resources have chosen us as their communication service providers. The satellite's resources are also used by two large companies to organize live reports on the territory of Turkmenistan and abroad.

The coverage area of the Turkmen satellite includes more than a hundred countries in Asia, Africa and Europe with a population of more than one billion people."

At the end of his speech, the General Director of JSC "Turkmen hemrasy" noted that our country demonstrates openness and focus on strengthening mutually beneficial relations with all interested parties – both with individual States and with reputable international organizations.

"In this context, we are working hard to establish international cooperation in the field of satellite systems," he said. 

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