New social project launched in Ashgabat

New social project launched in Ashgabat

The “Keshde” art Studio together with the “Ish Nokady” co-working center with the support of the British Embassy in Turkmenistan have launched a social project aimed at attracting women with disabilities to acquire professional sewing skills and needlework.

Under the project, the capital designer of Sheker Akiniyazova holds for target groups, workshops and trainings on sewing. Participants of the master classes sew facial mask, eye pads, tissue boxes and handbags. All products are made from 100% cotton fabrics in the same national style.

So-called "health kits" are made up of sewn products: antiseptic, water, wet wipes are laid out in sewn cases, and the entire set is placed in a bag. The project involves women with disabilities from all over Turkmenistan, who, thanks to the project, get the opportunity not only to learn sewing, but also to earn money.

Completed "health kits" are distributed to different categories of citizens: people with disabilities, people in need.

Recently, during a charity event, 80 pieces of such kits were awarded to students of the Olympic sports school for the disabled.

The project participants started sewing the next batch, which includes 100 sets.

In the future, the project plans to receive orders from organizations and companies for tailoring products, as a result of which the target group – women with disabilities - will be provided with work and earnings.

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