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Farmers of Turkmenistan exported up to 16,700 tons of tomatoes in 2020


According to the Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, most of the agricultural products in the country are grown by farms and business structures, "Turkmenistan: Golden age" reports.

This year they collected about 30 thousand tons of tomatoes, which is 4 times more than a year ago, of which up to 16700 tons were exported.

Now many farms have begun to grow tomatoes year-round in the closed ground, using modern high-tech equipment and innovative methods of plant care.

More than a hundred greenhouse farms with a total area of more than 356 hectares are organized. Next year, at least 150 more greenhouses with a total area of 1300 hectares may open, which will allow growing tens of thousands of tons of vegetables, citrus fruits, and fruit and berry crops in the closed ground.

Also this year, about 37 thousand tons of potatoes were received, and almost 13 thousand tons of onions.

Production of melons, fruit and berry products, vegetables and legumes has increased several times.

By developing new irrigated lands, organizing additional crops on these lands, planting fruit trees and grapes, expanding the area of greenhouses, Turkmen entrepreneurs are working for the domestic market, as well as increasing export supplies.

Recall that for 10 months of 2019, more than $ 19 million worth of products were exported to Russia and the CIS countries, including melons, grapes and apples. 

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