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The head of Turkmenistan welcomed the participants of the international oil and gas forum

The head of Turkmenistan welcomed the participants of the international oil and gas forum

The XXV international conference "Oil and gas of Turkmenistan" opens in Ashgabat today. On this occasion, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed its participants with a welcome message, which, in particular, reads:

"I congratulate you on the start of the XXV international conference "Oil and gas of Turkmenistan". I wish success to the forum, which is designed to promote the achievements of the domestic oil and gas industry in the world!

The energy strategy of Turkmenistan, which has huge hydrocarbon resources, is aimed at giving dynamics to the fuel and energy sector and its integration into the global energy system, as evidenced by effective measures to form an extensive network of gas pipelines and diversify the supply of Turkmen energy to foreign markets.

Today, our country is among the exporters of "blue fuel" to the countries of Europe, Central and South-East Asia. The launch of the implementation of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project, which is strategically important for our country and the region, has increased the interest of the participating States in it. The construction and commissioning of this energy route will not only allow sending significant volumes of Turkmen natural gas to the foreign market, but will also contribute to the establishment of stability and peace in the region, becoming a key factor in strengthening economic partnership.

Supporting the traditional fruitful cooperation in the field of energy, our country is systematically expanding cooperation in this area in the areas of Eurasia, the far East, and the Southeast, and intensifying partnership relations with leading oil and gas companies and reputable financial structures in the world.

Turkmenistan is working hard to increase the volume of oil and gas production and processing, as well as to produce the most popular products on the world markets. The state is taking large-scale measures aimed at developing oil and gas fields.

Today, our country is not limited only to the production or supply of energy resources to foreign countries. year after year, the volume of exports to the world markets of oil and gas chemical products is increasing.

The construction of two gas turbine units at the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries has recently started, which will contribute to the further growth of the oil refining industry. Great importance is attached to the processing of natural gas and the establishment of new production lines, which is demonstrated by modern gas chemical complexes built in the Balkan and Akhal velayats.

At a time when energy consumption is growing all over the world, many countries are interested in cooperation with Turkmenistan in the energy sector, which clearly demonstrates the increase in the international authority of our country.

I am convinced that the current international conference will be of great importance in the exchange of experience between domestic specialists and foreign partners, and in building up cooperation."

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