eMnova online shopping center launched

eMnova online shopping center launched

Turkmenistan has launched a new project - eMnova online shopping center, which is an important step towards the development of e-Commerce in our country.

eMnova online shopping center includes sections "Shopping" and "Food". The sections contain a variety of products from various stores with their descriptions, characteristics, and filters.

As well as a menu of restaurants where you can choose a dish and make an order.

Customers can visit each store individually, as well as search for products within a specific store, as well as by General categories and filters, which makes it possible to be acquainted with different brands and facilitates search.

Make purchases on the site emnova.com.tm in online mode, you can use your phone or computer to collect everything you need in one basket. In addition, the site offers products with discounts, sales, promotions, etc.

Every day more and more partners join eMnova, and if there is still no store on the site that you would like to visit online, then there is also an opportunity to track the list of stores that will soon appear on the site. 

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