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Turkmenistan has launched a unified technical support service for “Turkmenaragatnashyk” subscribers

Turkmenistan has launched a unified technical support service for “Turkmenaragatnashyk” subscribers

The telecommunications company "Turkmenaragatnashyk" on its website announces the launch of the unified technical support service 071.

The technical support service accepts calls from all subscribers using the services of "Turkmenaragatnashyk". The operator opened access to the service for subscribers from all over Turkmenistan, making the number nationwide. The unified technical support system includes all velayats of the country. 

Any "Turkmenaragatnashyk" subscriber can dial 071 and submit a request for the following services:

  •  Internet;
  •  IP-TV;
  • Cable TV;
  •  Long-distance and international calls.

"Turkmenaragatnashyk" operators will answer the call and pass the request to the competent specialists. Users need to explain the type of fault. On the "first line", the operator qualifies the subscriber's request according to the level of technical complexity. 

Simple requests (such as restart/configure the modem, establish an Internet connection) are resolved on the spot. The operator sends complex requests to the "second line" of the center, where engineers with high technical training work.

At each call, requests will be automatically created and then transmitted to technicians who have a special application for smartphones "Online technician" installed.

A qualified technician will receive the details of the application: address, phone number, and what problems need to be fixed by the subscriber.

When completing the application and complete Troubleshooting, the technician, located at the call address, must enter a four-digit code in the application to complete the application. Only the subscriber will have this code.

The 071 technical support service is open around the clock and seven days a week. All 071 technical support operators receive special training and training at the "Turkmenaragatnashyk" training center. 

Earlier we wrote that "Turkmenaragatnashyk" offers technical support services to subscribers. 

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