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Computer animation courses opened in Ashgabat

Computer animation courses opened in Ashgabat

Computer animation courses have opened in the primary vocational school of Ashgabat, the electronic application "7/" of the magazine "Turkmenistan Sport" reports.

These are the first steps to further and truly professional development of this art form.

According to the information, students are provided with various computer equipment with a special program, texture, graphic and schematic sets. All this will help prepare highly qualified specialists in this area, the newspaper notes.

"Of course, the art of mastering the skills of creating full — fledged and high-quality animated films is a complex and difficult task. This requires daily work, patience, and daily study. But we firmly believe that those talented young men and women who study at our school will definitely become real masters — professionals who will raise the art of national animation even higher," said Rovshen Velmiev, a teacher at the primary vocational school, in an interview with the electronic publication “7/”.

For several years now, the Oguzhan “Turkmenfilm” Association has been producing interesting animated films for young viewers that appeal to kids and expand their understanding of the world around them.

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