The olive crop is growing in Turkmenistan

The olive crop is growing in Turkmenistan

Olives have started to ripen in Etrek, because in this region of Turkmenistan they ripen much earlier than in other countries.

The entrepreneur Taganberdy Jepbarov from gengeshlik Gyzyl Bayir of the Etrek etrap of the Balkan velayat was personally convinced of this, the newspaper "Neutral Turkmenistan" reports.

Four years ago, he laid out an olive garden covering 9 hectares of land.

Currently, the olives in the garden are already bearing fruit, and the harvest of autumn olives will take place during the last months of the year. The first batch of fruits will be delivered to consumers during the celebration of Hasyl holiday.

- Olives, which are considered delicious products, will also decorate the new year's destarkhan of our compatriots. We will do everything necessary to collect the fruits of olive trees in a timely manner and without losses, thereby providing green markets with medicinal vitamin products. Preserving fresh ripe fruits, in turn, will help to extend the period of their use and storage at home. Unlike other oilseeds, our olives contain significantly more vegetable oil and vitamins that are useful for human health and immune protection. Currently, there are 1,700 olive trees in our garden, which are already ripe everywhere. Each tree produces about 150 kilograms of eco-friendly fruits of silver - green color, - says the entrepreneur.

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