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Specialized cementing equipment "KAMAZ" was delivered to the SC “Turkmengaz”

Specialized cementing equipment "KAMAZ" was delivered to the SC “Turkmengaz”

A new batch of modern specialized cementing equipment “KAMAZ”, characterized by a high degree of mobility, has arrived at the grouting Department of the state concern “Turkmengaz”, the newspaper “Nebit-Gaz” reports.

With the updated fleet of special equipment, the tasks of fixing wells with cementing solution at the sites of the “Galkynysh”, “Kerven”, and “Malay” fields are successfully solved.

Thus, salt-acid treatment of reservoirs was successfully carried out using cementing units at wells No. 267, 301, 317 and 256 of the “Galkynysh” field. Under the influence of hydrochloric acid, voids were formed in the gas-bearing layers, as a result of which the wells significantly increased their productivity.

Employees of the Department significantly improve production performance through the use of modern technical equipment. For 8 months of this year, work was completed for 19 million 988 thousand manats, the plan was mastered by 115.6%.

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