The President of Turkmenistan took a bike ride in the foothills

The President of Turkmenistan took a bike ride in the foothills

Today, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took a bike ride in the foothills of Kopetdag.

According to the state news Agency of Turkmenistan, the autumn air of the foothills is clean and transparent, saturated with phytoncides of man-made coniferous forests that rise in these places.

The multi-volume encyclopedia "Medicinal plants of Turkmenistan", authored by the President of Turkmenistan, academician of the Academy of Sciences, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, describes the healing properties of many plants growing on the territory of our country, including Archie, which has a powerful healing effect.

So, according to modern data, per day 1 hectare of pine forest releases almost 5 kg of phytoncides into the atmosphere, and juniper-about 30 kg. This amount is quite enough to protect a medium-sized settlement from many misfortunes, which is especially important during the period of virus activation, the official information of the state information Agency specifies.

In recent years, at the initiative of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, millions of coniferous trees have been planted in all regions of the country, including around the capital. The campaign has received the warm support of the people, it is held annually, which contributes to the environmental well-being of the country.

Passing by the “Yanardag” monument, erected in honor of the legendary horse, the head of state admired the majestic statue. This sculptural composition embodies the enduring glory of "Paradise" horses and has become one of the brightest artistic attractions of our white marble capital.

The famous horse named “Yanardag” left a special mark in the state symbols of Turkmenistan – it is depicted in the center of the coat of Arms of our independent neutral country.

During the bike ride, the head of state viewed the beautiful city of Ashgabat from a hill and spread out in the valley, the panorama of which impresses with its scale and architectural ensembles.

Recently, it has become a good tradition in Turkmenistan to hold mass bike rides on the occasion of significant dates.

Cycling is a great way to maintain physical fitness and, as the President of the country notes, helps to strengthen human health and immunity, making it stronger in resisting all kinds of diseases.

This type of sport as an environmentally friendly one is increasingly preferred in Turkmenistan, and the number of Cycling enthusiasts increases from year to year.

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