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Enterprises of SC "Turkmennebit" exceeded the plan for resource extraction

Enterprises of SC "Turkmennebit" exceeded the plan for resource extraction

For seven months of 2020, the divisions of the state concern "Turkmennebit" produced 2 million 290 thousand tons of oil and 1 billion tons of natural gas. 157 million cubic meters, having fulfilled the production plan by 106.7% and, respectively, by 148.6%. This is reported by the publication "Nebit-Gaz".

An important role in these achievements belongs to the drilling operations Department "Nebitdag". So, at the end of seven months, the earth's subsurface penetration was 125.2 thousand meters, the depth passed - 34 thousand 679 meters, and the additional depth passed - 3 thousand 375 meters.

The company has an extensive fleet of new Russian and Chinese equipment, qualified specialists and employees. Modern drilling rigs are characterized by high throughput and capacity, have unique characteristics and can work in difficult climatic conditions. For example, they are able to drill wells up to 7000 meters deep, which contributes to the expansion of oil production and development from Miocene deposits.

Production units of the state Concern "Turkmennebit" - "Nebitdag", "Goturdepe", Korpedje, "Ekerem" and others effectively use special bridge cranes with a capacity of 12.5 tons, which provide high-quality transportation and installation of pipes.

Over a seven-month period, the Korpedje drilling Department of SC “Turkmennebit” successfully completed drilling operations at 10 new wells, including 8 operational wells.

The depth of the earth's interior was 31,756 meters instead of the planned 30,761 meters.


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