New school opened in Tahtabazar etrap of Mary velayat

New school opened in Tahtabazar etrap of Mary velayat

Today, on the occasion of the day of knowledge and student youth, a new two-floor school with 320 seats was opened in the village of Oktyabr gengeshlik Sandykachi in the Tahtabazar etrap of Mary velayat. The new facility was built by the builders of the private company "Erkin zähmet". A modern educational institution with a total area of 2,550 square meters was built as part of the National transformation program.

The celebration, organized on the occasion of the opening of the new school, was attended by representatives of the velayat and etrap hyakimlik, honorary elders, gray-haired mothers, teachers, schoolchildren and builders. There is computer, language, multimedia rooms, gyms, dining room, conference room, medical center, library, music room, where all the necessary conditions for children's education are created.

During the opening ceremony, the distinguished builders involved in the construction of a modern facility were presented with valuable gifts on behalf of the head of state. Congratulations and good wishes were expressed to the students and teachers of the new school, the state news Agency of Turkmenistan reports. 

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