August 12 marks the international day of the Caspian Sea

August 12 marks the international day of the Caspian Sea

International Caspian Day is an environmental date celebrated on August 12 by five Caspian States. The establishment of the Caspian Day is directly related to the entry into force of the framework Convention for the protection of the Caspian Sea and the environment from pollution. This Convention was signed in Tehran on 12 August 2006.

The celebration of this date is aimed at popularizing eco-education and nature protection measures in the dynamically developing industrial, transport and resort center of Eurasia.

The integrated and solid system of environmental security created in the Caspian Sea is based on regional scientific and practical platforms of partnership, agreements and agreements, programs and projects implemented with the support of international institutions. One of these platforms is the Summit of the heads of the Caspian countries, in the format of which the most important agreements were reached and joint documents were adopted. There were five such meetings in total, the last one was held in Kazakhstan in 2018, during which the "Caspian five" adopted the Convention on the legal status of the Caspian Sea.

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