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The President of Turkmenistan held a working video conference

The President of Turkmenistan held a working video conference


Issues related to the implementation of the country's socio-economic development strategy and the progress of seasonal agricultural work, as well as preparations for the upcoming holidays, were discussed at a workshop held today by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov via digital video link. 

First direct video communication by the head of state called the mayor of Ashgabat J. Gylyjov, which reported on the implementation of data informed the leader of the nation of instructions beautification of the capital, the pace of construction, scheduled for commissioning on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the permanent neutrality of the country.

Summarizing the report, the President of Turkmenistan ordered to keep under constant control the issues of maintaining the functional, sanitary, environmental and aesthetic condition of the main city of the country.

Expressing dissatisfaction with the delay in the construction of some facilities from the approved schedule, the Turkmen leader instructed the head of the capital's administration to ensure their timely commissioning, paying special attention to compliance with fire safety rules.

Due to the approach of autumn, you should take care in advance of preparing for the heating season and repair the heating systems of schools, kindergartens and residential buildings.

Then the head of state called the hyakim of the Akhal velayat Ya. Gurbanov by digital video link, who reported on the state of Affairs in the region, in particular, the ongoing construction work on a number of important facilities and preparations for sowing winter wheat and cotton harvesting. It was reported on the preparations for the winter season, as well as on the implementation of fire safety rules.

Noting that the strict requirement of the time is to strengthen control over the construction of buildings and structures, the commissioning of which will be timed to the 25th anniversary of the permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed a number of specific instructions to hyakim. 

Focusing on the timely solution of tasks in the field of agriculture, the head of state stressed that it is necessary to organize the sowing of grain. Referring to the upcoming cotton harvest, the Turkmen leader ordered, first of all, to prepare all technical means to increase labor productivity daikhan, combines, enterprises and points for receiving cotton, etc.

Having also instructed to take appropriate measures for sowing winter potatoes, vegetables and other agricultural crops, the President of Turkmenistan instructed to check the readiness of financial institutions of the velayat to conduct mutual settlements with tenants for the grown crop.

The head of state also drew the attention of the head of the regional administration to the importance of preparing for the winter season, repairing heating systems, educational institutions and residential buildings, giving specific instructions in this regard.

Then a workshop on digital video continued with the report of Balkan velayat Hakim T. Atahallyev who has reported on the ongoing in the region work, including the construction of infrastructure facilities and the measures on preparedness for the heating season.

In addition, it was reported that work was being carried out on agricultural land these days, including preparations for cotton harvesting, wheat sowing and other agricultural crops.

The President of Turkmenistan, having heard the report, noted the need for optimal utilization of existing capacities for the effective development of agriculture, increase the production of high quality agricultural products, including generous cash crops of winter vegetables and other crops.

In this regard, the head of state emphasized the importance of sowing these crops strictly on schedule and ensuring proper care of crops. Hyakim was given appropriate instructions for the care of beet crops.

Speaking about the need for a comprehensive approach to solving the tasks set and the importance of monitoring the progress of preparations for sowing winter wheat and harvesting cotton, the President of Turkmenistan ordered to conduct them at a high organizational level, ensuring coordinated activities of the relevant structures. In particular, it was instructed to prepare agricultural equipment and ensure compliance with the terms of settlements with tenants.

In addition, hyakim was given orders to carry out appropriate work for the heating season, as well as repairs in schools, kindergartens and residential buildings. Special attention was paid to the importance of constant monitoring of strict compliance with fire safety rules.

Then the head of state called hyakim of Dashoguz velayat N. Nazarmyradov to a working meeting via direct video link. He reported on the state of Affairs in the region, the pace of construction of a number of significant facilities, preparation for winter wheat sowing and cotton harvesting.

After hearing the report, the head of state demanded that the head of the velayat organize all seasonal agricultural events. One of the main requirements is that financial institutions of the velayat make timely settlements with daykhans for the grown crop.

Hyakim was instructed to take appropriate care of rice crops in strict accordance with established agro technical standards in order to obtain a high yield of this valuable crop.

Speaking about the importance of constantly monitoring the construction works deployed in the velayat, the President ordered to ensure control over the quality and timely commissioning of social and industrial facilities being built in the region, the progress of preparations for the autumn-winter season and ensuring fire safety.

Then the workshop on digital video communication was continued with the report of the hyakim of Lebap velayat Sh. Amangeldiev about the work being done in the region.

After hearing the report and focusing on the urgent tasks of the agro-industrial sector of the velayat, the leader of Turkmenistan ordered to establish coordinated activities of all structures involved in preparing for the cotton harvest and winter wheat sowing.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted the importance of taking care of seedlings in the rice fields of the velayat in accordance with agro technical standards, giving instructions to keep under strict control the work aimed at ensuring the country's food abundance.

The production of high yields of winter potatoes, vegetables and other agricultural crops in the velayat is also among the priority tasks, the President of Turkmenistan said, ordering to take measures to sow them on schedule and take proper care of them.

The head of state instructed to ensure high quality and timely commissioning of facilities being built in the region, compliance with fire safety standards and thorough preparation for the autumn and winter season.

The speaker then was hyakim of the Mary velayat D. Annaberdiev reported on the state of Affairs in the region, including the progress of work on construction sites of social facilities. There was also a report on the ongoing agro technical activities on agricultural land.

Summarizing the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stressed the need to intensify work in the agro-industrial complex and instructed to create all conditions for an organized start and successful conduct of upcoming campaigns according to the established schedule.

As the Turkmen leader noted, in the velayat, as well as in the whole country, issues of providing tenants with high-quality seed material, water for irrigation, and timely settlements should be kept under constant control.

Stressing the need to increase the area for planting winter potatoes, vegetables and other crops in the velayat, the head of state ordered to ensure the production of a rich harvest of sugar beet.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov continued that special attention should be paid to the proper functioning of public utilities in connection with the upcoming winter season. Compliance with fire safety rules must be strictly monitored.

Summing up the reports made during the meeting, the Turkmen leader addressed instructions to the hyakims of the velayats to organize all planned agricultural work at a high-quality level, with strict compliance with agro technical standards.

Noting that the issues of full-fledged supply of cotton harvesting and winter grain sowing with appropriate technical resources should be kept under constant review, the President of Turkmenistan ordered to ensure the full range of measures for conducting agricultural activities in advance and take care of the safety of the grown crop in advance.

Special importance should continue to be attached to the solution of the key tasks outlined in the program of socio-economic development of the velayats, the head of state said, stressing that the cardinal steps taken are directly aimed at building the capacity of the regions and steadily improving the standard of living of the population.

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