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The Lebap grain processing enterprise produced more than 16 thousand tons of flour

The Lebap grain processing enterprise produced more than 16 thousand tons of flour

Since the beginning of this year the enterprise “Dostlukgallaonumleri” velayat production Association “Lebapgallaonumleri” released 16 649 tons of flour, the newspaper “Neutral Turkmenistan”.

The product quality meets all the necessary requirements.

This important grain processing facility, located near the village of Dostluk, was built in 1998, when wheat was cultivated on large areas in the South of the velayat. In this complex, the installed high-performance equipment of German, American and Swiss production is effectively used.

These days, the delivery of pre-cleared grain at the receiving points of the new crop from the etraps of Dovetli and Koytendag to the territory of the enterprise continues.

It also accepts wheat grown on the right Bank of the Amu Darya on the developed takyr lands by grain growers from the Charjev, Dane and Sayat etraps. With the introduction of the Kerki – Kerkichi road bridge, the transportation of wheat collected on the left Bank of the Amu Darya – in the Kerki and Halach etraps-across the river has become much easier.

The capacity of the Yylgynagyz machine channel has also increased after the reconstruction of the right Bank of the Amu Darya nine years ago. Thus, it became possible to water more virgin areas and increase grain production. In this regard, at the flour mill in Dostluk, Turkish and domestic specialists in addition to the existing one have put into operation a modern Elevator with a capacity of 50 thousand tons, which allows you to take much more wheat.

Simultaneously with quantitative indicators, the quality of storage has also improved. Closed silos maintain optimal temperature and humidity, which makes it possible to store wheat before processing without spoilage.

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