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Turkmen enterprises have released new types of soft drinks

Turkmen enterprises have released new types of soft drinks

Two new types of soft drinks were produced by private enterprises of Turkmenistan, the official website of the Union of Industrialists and  entrepreneur’s reports.

According to the information, a new drink of the "Ak yol" brand called "Boss" has appeared on sale. The basis of the composition of the new drink, as well as other products of the “Ak yol” trademark, includes water from the “Yanbash” mountain spring and natural ingredients. Today, the assortment of the company, which has been producing products under the “Ak yol” trademark since 2006, includes more than twenty types of soft drinks. This includes non-carbonated and carbonated cold drinks and teas with various flavors in containers from 0.4 to one and a half liter, as well as drinking water.

Also the plant "Archalyk" has launched a new vitamin drink "Bark" sold in containers with a volume of 0.4 liters. The “Archalyk” enterprise was founded in 1997. Today, it produces 15 types of carbonated beverages with different flavors, as well as produces and delivers clean drinking water to the population. Plant for the production of drinking water and beverages, is located in Buzmeyin etrap of Ashgabat city.

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