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Turkmenistan plans to produce dry camel milk

Turkmenistan plans to produce dry camel milk

In the future, Polat Kanayev's farm in the Gokdepe etrap of the Akhal velayat plans to organize the production of dry camel milk, which is an innovative direction for the region. This is reported by today's issue of the newspaper "Neutral Turkmenistan". 

The staff together with specialists from the laboratory of the Center of technologies of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan and the scientific and production center of animal husbandry and veterinary Agricultural University. S. A. Niyazov engaged in the preparation of semi-finished products from camel milk. The Center's equipment produces dry camel milk and dry mixes based on milk, agar and fermented milk drink "Doiran". The purpose of the research is to develop a technology for restoring environmentally friendly natural products on an industrial scale.

At one of the seminars held by the European Bank for reconstruction and development, farm employees learned about the EU SARD III project. This international structure provides expert support to private entrepreneurs in the development of agricultural production. Thus, within the framework of this project, the farm was provided with expert support in the development of standards for camel milk, which are currently being implemented in the register of standards of Turkmenistan. In the near future, the farm will start producing dry camel milk, which is showing interest in the world market.

In the conditions of Turkmenistan, camels are kept on pasture all year round, that is, they are kept ecologically clean. They mainly use desert vegetation that is not suitable for other animal species — shrubs, semi-shrubs, salt plants, and are often satisfied with salty and bitterly salty water. A favorite food is the camel thorn-yandak (Alhagi persarum). The number of these animals on the farm of Polat Kanayev is now 300 heads.

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