Turkmen weather forecasters took part in webinars

Turkmen weather forecasters took part in webinars

Specialists of "Turkmengidromet" took part in two webinars organized with the assistance of the Regional environmental center of Central Asia in the framework of the program on adaptation to climate change and mitigation of its consequences for the Aral Sea basin, the State publishing service of Turkmenistan reports.

At the first training, the issues of crop yield forecasting were considered based on the DSSAT model (a set of computer programs for modeling crop growth), which should also include weather and soil data. During the workshop, consultations were held with the teachers of the University of Florida – Professor Gerrit Hoogenboom, Dr. Vakhtang Shelia and Professor Sheryl Porter.

At another webinar, Valeriy Tsepelev, head of the Federal state budgetary institution "North-Western Department for hydrology and environmental monitoring" (Russia), PhD in geography, was the trainer. He introduced the participants to the methods of analysis and compilation of medium - and long-term meteorological forecasts of one of the Russian methods-the integrated program "Forecaster-long-term".

In recent years, with the support of regional and international partners, the potential of many models that are used abroad has been presented. For each software, further research was conducted on its use in the conditions of our country. To date, Turkmenistan has mastered and used the ECMWF model-a product of the European center for medium-term weather forecasts, which is attractive for its versatility, simple technical management and predictive efficiency.

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