Specialty stores selling fashion textiles will be opened in Ashgabat and the velayats of Turkmenistan

Specialty stores selling fashion textiles will be opened in Ashgabat and the velayats of Turkmenistan

In order to meet the growing consumer demand, new models of clothing designed for children and adults, as well as shoes, have been developed. To sell these products, it is proposed to open a number of new specialized stores in the capital and velayats. This was announced at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan, Vice Prime Minister for trade sector Chary Gylyjov. 

After hearing the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stressed that Turkmen textiles are steadily increasing their competitiveness not only in the domestic market, but also abroad due to the accelerated development of the specialized industry based on advanced technologies.

The textile industry, due to its huge resource potential, has become an example of the dynamic development of the processing sector of the economy of Turkmenistan. The production base of the industry is being consistently modernized, and the range of high-quality finished products that confidently replace the products of foreign manufacturers is steadily expanding, the head of state stated.

Special attention should be paid to the compliance of textile products produced in the country with international quality and environmental safety standards. Turkmen designers, studying the demands of the domestic market, focusing on the seasonal needs of the population, should develop and launch new clothing lines of fashionable world trends and other products, the leader of the nation noted, addressing instructions to the Deputy Prime Minister in this regard.

For more active promotion of textile products abroad, appropriate advertising and information support is also important. The head of state also gave specific instructions on training highly qualified specialists for the industry, as well as on organizing trade and creating conditions for the convenience of buyers, the state news Agency of Turkmenistan reports.

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