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The head of Turkmenistan congratulated his compatriots on the International children's day

The head of Turkmenistan congratulated his compatriots on the International children's day

Today, Turkmenistan is celebrating the international children's day with the entire world community. On this occasion, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed his compatriots with a welcome message, which, in particular, reads:

"I cordially congratulate you on the International children's day, which is solemnly celebrated on the bright days of Sunny summer! Caring for the younger generation-the colors of an independent neutral homeland, is a reflection of our thoughtful steps to a bright future. I am sure that musical celebrations in honor of a significant international date will increase the pride of our people, especially happy children, for the sovereign Motherland!

International children's day is celebrated in our country on a large scale. This demonstrates to the whole world that Turkmenistan is a country of health and high spirit, a land of happy childhood. The friendship that binds fervent and elated children from all over the country, their inspired creative dedications to a peaceful and prosperous life – ringing songs, incendiary melodies, theatrical scenes, creative and sports competitions, and the cheerful laughter of children – is our most valuable wealth.

For the enhancement of the role in society of the International children's day, celebrated in the year of the glorious solemn celebration of the 25th anniversary of the permanent Neutrality of a sovereign homeland, as well as to further improve the work of preschool institutions we have adopted the "Program for improvement of preschool institutions in the field of early development and improvement of the training of the child to the school in Turkmenistan to 2020-2025 years." This eloquently confirms that every business, every grandiose undertaking in the country is aimed at ensuring a happy future for happy children – the joy of our hearts.

The power of the Motherland is in the happiness of our children. Therefore, guided by the motto "The State is for man!", we create all conditions for the mental, physical and spiritual development of our future youth, so that they learn with enthusiasm, engage in creativity and sports. The social policy and cultural and economic reforms implemented in this direction are primarily aimed at protecting the health of mothers and children, ensuring comprehensive and harmonious development of children, conditions for an active and creative life of the younger generation, and their upbringing on the basis of national and universal spiritual values.

Therefore, in a short time, modern children's health centers, kindergartens, secondary schools, health centers "Ene Mahri" were built in the capital – the city of Ashgabat, velayats, healing corners of the country – the picturesque gorges of Kopetdag, on the pearl coast of the Caspian Sea. In accordance with the "National strategy of Turkmenistan for early child development for 2020-2025", activities to provide young children with the necessary high-quality medical care, nutrition, and preschool education are also continuing successfully.

We are aimed at developing comprehensive cooperation with States, leading international and regional organizations, and broad consolidation of efforts with The United Nations Children's Fund. Accession to the world Declaration on ensuring the survival, protection and development of children, the UN Convention on the rights of the child, and The Hague Convention on the international civil aspects of child abduction confirms Turkmenistan's responsible approach to fulfilling its obligations.

In partnership with the world health organization and The United Nations Children's Fund, the country has effectively enriched salt with iodine, flour with iron and folic acid. The election of Turkmenistan to the Executive Board of the United Nations Children's Fund for 2018-2020 and the Commission on the status of women for 2018-2022 demonstrates the success of cooperation with the United Nations.

Ensuring a happy life and modern education for our children – the bright future of an independent homeland, their upbringing in the spirit of patriotism and humanism – is a great goal and guarantee of the power, progress and prosperity of the Motherland," President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said in a festive Address to the people of Turkmenistan.

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