The President of Turkmenistan held a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers

The President of Turkmenistan held a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held a regular meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers via video link, where topical issues of state policy were discussed, the state news Agency of Turkmenistan reports.

After leaving the Oguzhan Palace complex, the President went on a Bicycle to the Cabinet of Ministers building, the venue for the Government meeting.

Opening the session of the Government, the head of state heard a report by video link from Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers G. Mushshikov on the implementation of the instruction on the regulation of foreign exchange funds of legal entities engaged in export.

As reported, following the results of this work, a draft Resolution on the issues of the reserve currency Fund has been prepared. According to the document, the funds of the Fund are planned to be concentrated in the Central Bank and to transfer to it income in foreign currency of ministries, branch departments, their accountable enterprises-institutions, and all legal entities with state participation.

Approving and signing the presented a resolution "On the issues of foreign exchange reserve Fund", the head of Turkmenistan sent its Deputy Prime Minister for the electronic document management system to keep in the spotlight the strict execution of tasks.

Then the Deputy Prime Minister reported on the practical steps taken to improve the licensing process. In particular, it was reported that in accordance with the new version of the Law of Turkmenistan "On licensing of certain types of activities", the list of authorized bodies, types of work and the amount of state duty were revised.

Stressing the need for proper monitoring of compliance with the relevant licensing requirements, the head of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov ordered to continue working in this direction and addressed specific instructions to the Deputy Prime Minister.

Then Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers M. Meredov reported on the state of Affairs in the supervised area, the promotion of a number of investment projects aimed at modernizing the fuel and energy complex, increasing its production capacity and diversification. It was reported about the ongoing work to increase the volume of hydrocarbon fuel processing at the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries and the production of high-quality oil products that are in high demand on world markets.

The President of the country has submitted a draft Resolution providing for the purchase of various funds for TCOR.

Summing up the report, the President stressed that priority should be given to improving the efficiency of oil and gas fields, introducing modern technologies that help to intensify the production of raw materials, as well as drilling new wells, including by attracting foreign investment and expanding international cooperation in these areas.

By signing the relevant document, the President sent his Vice-Premier in the electronic document management system, giving a set of instructions for performing designated tasks.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers E. Orazgeldiev reported on the ongoing seasonal agricultural work in the velayats and preparations for the grain harvest.

After hearing the report, the President noted the importance of the agro-industrial complex for the national economy and the creation of food abundance in the country. In this context, it is necessary to ensure optimal rates of the approaching grain harvest, completely remove all the grown crop, effectively using modern technology.

It is also necessary to keep under constant control the high-quality implementation of agro technical measures for the care of cotton, potatoes, onions, and vegetable crops, the head of Turkmenistan said, addressing specific instructions to the Deputy Prime Minister.

Then the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers Sh. Durdylyev reported on the preparations for the upcoming may 25 cultural events on the occasion of the day of the city of Ashgabat and the XIX international universal exhibition "White city – Ashgabat".

The international exhibition, organized by the hyakimlik of the city of Ashgabat and the chamber of Commerce and industry, will clearly demonstrate the achievements and prospects for further development of the Turkmen capital, determine the priorities of cooperation in various fields.

The universal review will be one of the most significant events dedicated to the celebration of the day of the city of Ashgabat. On the occasion of this significant day and the end of the school year, a festive concert and mass celebrations are also provided.

Noting the importance of the traditional international exhibition, the head of state ordered to ensure all conditions for its holding at the proper level.

As it was emphasized, having established itself as a major business and cultural center of the region, Ashgabat embodies a unique model of a dynamically developing metropolis that harmoniously combines beauty and comfort, advanced achievements of architecture, engineering and technical thought and the native traditions of national architecture.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov reprimanded the Deputy Prime Minister for loosening control over the activities of subordinate ministries and industry departments, emphasizing that a number of shortcomings were made on urban construction sites. The head of state pointed out the mistakes and demanded to correct the shortcomings as soon as possible.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers B. Ovezov reported on the ongoing work and implementation of instructions for the modernization of the communications sector, including the activities of the postal company "Türkmenpoçta", to expand the list of its services.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, specialists of the Agency "Türkmenaragatnaşyk" in accordance with the Law of Turkmenistan "on communications" have analyzed and considered the possibilities of the range of services provided and prepared appropriate proposals.

Summing up the report, the President noted that Turkmenistan, having taken a course on diversification and digitalization of the economy, relies on advanced scientific and technical achievements. A large role in this is assigned to the postal company "Türkmenpoçta" of the Agency "Türkmenaragatnaşyk".

The list of main functions of the Department should include not only the delivery of letters, parcels and periodical products, but also expedited postal deliveries to any country. We should actively introduce modern types of electronic services and popularize them by constantly updating useful information for the target audience, the head of state stressed.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers Ch. Gylyjov reported on the state of Affairs in the supervised departments, as well as on the preparations for the upcoming Holiday of the Turkmen carpet.

According to the program of events, may 31, in the building of the chamber of Commerce will hold an exhibition-fair, dedicated to the achievements of the carpet and textile industries, and trade. The 20th meeting of the world Association of Turkmen carpet making will be held, which will be attended by representatives of a number of foreign countries via video link, a ceremony honoring the best masters of the State Association "Türkmenhaly" and a concert of art masters.

After hearing the report, the President noted the importance of the professional holiday of carpet makers, which is celebrated annually in the country on the last Sunday of May, and which has become a tribute to the hard work and great talent of Turkmen craftsmen.

The Deputy Prime Minister was instructed to hold all events planned for the holiday at the highest level, including solemn ceremonies honoring the best employees of the industry who make a significant contribution to the preservation and enhancement of ancient national carpet weaving traditions.

Then the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers B. Abdiyeva reported on the state of Affairs in the subordinate structures.

As reported, systematic work is underway to improve the domestic media. Along with this, preparations are being made for upcoming holidays and significant events. Special attention is paid to events in honor of the 25th anniversary of Turkmenistan's acquisition of the status of a neutral state.

After hearing the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted the importance of a detailed study of the world's best practices for bringing the activities of institutions in this sphere to the level of modern standards as soon as possible. As it was emphasized, we should take a responsible approach to the preparation of all planned cultural events on the occasion of the upcoming holidays.

During the meeting, the head of Turkmenistan reprimanded the Deputy Prime Minister for improper performance of official duties, shortcomings in the work of the mass media, in particular, the publication of articles and TV broadcasts that do not meet the requirements of the time, with a final warning to correct the existing shortcomings as soon as possible.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers P. Agamyradov reported on the preparations for the International children's day. On this day, the ministries of education, health and medical industry, culture, sports and youth policy, together with the hyakimlik of the city of Ashgabat and public organizations will hold various events.

The head of state submitted a draft Resolution "On approval of the Program for improving the activities of preschool institutions in the field of early development and improving the preparation of children for school in Turkmenistan for 2020-2025".

Noting that Turkmenistan has always demonstrated the most responsible approach to the issues of full-fledged, harmonious development of children, declaring the protection of their rights and interests to be the primary concern of society and the state, the head of state instructed to carefully prepare for all planned cultural events and hold them at the highest organizational level.

Having approved and signed the relevant document, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov sent it to the Deputy Prime Minister for the electronic document management system, giving instructions on the implementation of the tasks outlined in it.

During the meeting, the report of the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, Minister of foreign Affairs R. Meredov was heard via direct video link.

As reported, during the 74th session of the UN General Assembly, Information was distributed as an official document on the measures taken by the government of Turkmenistan in the field of public health protection and to combat the pandemic of coronavirus infection CVID-19, set out in a letter from the President of the country to the Director General of the world health organization Tedros Gebreyesus.

This document has been published in the official languages of The United Nations and distributed to UN member States. This was another evidence of the recognition of the significant contribution of our country to the common efforts to develop effective solutions to topical issues and problems of our time, to counteract global challenges and threats, and to confirm the high authority of the Motherland on the world stage.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stressed that, being always committed to a strategic partnership with the United Nations, neutral Turkmenistan, as a responsible participant in the international community, has been in close contact with the UN and its specialized agencies, especially the world health organization, since the first days of the pandemic threat.

The measures implemented by our country, based on the current difficult situation in the world, fully meet the recommendations of who, developed in the context of countering the spread of a new type of coronavirus infection.

Then the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Minister of foreign Affairs reported on the Plan to ensure the readiness of Turkmenistan to counteract an acute infectious disease and take rapid response measures, which was submitted for approval by the head of state.

Summarizing the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stressed that the care of people's health and well - being is a priority of state policy. Based on this, priority is given to the development of the health sector on a systematic innovative basis. A clear proof of this is the successful implementation of the state program "Health", aimed at bringing domestic medicine to the level of high international standards.

One of the integral components of this Program is the expansion of cooperation with reputable international organizations, first of all, with the UN and its structures such as UNDP, who, UNICEF, and other specialized agencies.

The result of this long-term fruitful cooperation is a number of implemented joint projects of great practical significance. The active and proactive position of Turkmenistan in cooperation with foreign partners, the success and achievements of our country in the field of health have been highly appreciated by the world community.

Stressing that the state will continue to pay close attention to the issues of protecting and strengthening the health of the people, the Turkmen leader signed a Decree approving a Plan to ensure Turkmenistan's readiness to counteract an acute infectious disease and take rapid response measures. After sending it to the Deputy Prime Minister, head of the foreign Ministry for electronic document management, the head of state addressed a number of instructions in this regard.

Then the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Minister of foreign Affairs reported on the preparations for the next meeting of the Council of heads of government of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

According to the President's instructions, the Turkmen delegation is expected to participate in the next meeting of the CIS Council of heads of government, which will be held via direct video link on May 29 this year. Within the framework of its agenda, it is planned to consider a number of organizational issues, as well as those related to cooperation in the fields of economy, transport, culture, sports, tourism, etc.

As you know, following the meeting of the Council of CIS heads of state held on October 11 last year in Ashgabat, the Declaration on strategic economic cooperation of the CIS member States initiated by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov was adopted. Based on its key directions, work is currently underway to draft a strategy for the economic development of the CIS until 2030, which is in the final stage.

The report reported on the preparation of a draft action Plan in connection with the Declaration of 2021 as the year of architecture and urban development in the CIS on the initiative of the Turkmen leader.

Guided by the constructive proposals of the head of Turkmenistan, voiced at the CIS Summit in Sochi in 2017, proper joint work was carried out to determine the priority areas of interaction between the CIS member States and prepare a draft of the relevant document.

Our country also takes an active part in the regular holding of sports games within the framework of the Commonwealth and increasing their prestige in the international arena. Based on this, the CIS countries have developed a draft Strategy for the development of cooperation in the field of physical culture and sports for the next decade.

In order to finalize the draft documents that will be considered at the meeting of the Council of heads of government of the Commonwealth of Independent States and discuss other organizational issues, a working meeting with representatives of all CIS countries is planned to be held on May 27 via direct video link.
The development of a constructive partnership in the Commonwealth format is one of the key vectors of the neutral Turkmenistan's foreign policy, the President stressed. Our country strives to do everything possible to strengthen traditionally friendly, good-neighborly interstate relations, which have impressive potential in various fields.

This is the aim of the Turkmen side's proposals to expand cooperation within the CIS to broader geographical and economic horizons, implement promising multilateral projects, in particular in the transport and communication sector and other areas, and promote humanitarian and cultural contacts.

Turkmenistan also supports the further consolidation of common efforts in such topical areas as strengthening peace, security and stability, countering modern challenges and threats, and continuing effective interaction in the format of authoritative regional and international organizations.

Speaking about this, the head of state instructed the Deputy Prime Minister and the head of the foreign Ministry to ensure a high organizational level of preparation for the participation of our country's delegation in the upcoming meeting of the Council of heads of government of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Then the Chairman of the Mejlis G. Mammedova gave information about the activities of the national Parliament to modernize the legislative and legal framework of the country, the ongoing work on drafting a number of laws. As reported, meetings of the working Commission on studying and summarizing incoming proposals on amendments and additions to the Constitution of Turkmenistan are held in accordance with the established procedure.

Summarizing the information, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stressed the importance of the Parliament's systematic activities in the context of legislative support for comprehensive reforms aimed at the progressive development of all spheres of life of the state and society.

As the head of Turkmenistan noted, deputies should pay unflagging attention to work on the ground, informing the population of the significance of the ongoing constitutional reforms designed to further strengthen the unity and cohesion of our people.

Then Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, Secretary of the State Security Council Ch. Amanov reported on the activities of accountable structures, the progress of military reform, and the implementation of instructions given by the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the country.

After hearing the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stressed that Turkmenistan, which is always committed to a neutral status and implements a defensive Military doctrine, will continue to take care of strengthening its defense capability as a guarantor of peace and security of the country and the prosperous life of the people.

The main directions of state policy in this area in the future remain equipping the Armed Forces with the latest special equipment, ensuring all conditions for successful service and a well-equipped life of officers and soldiers.

Special emphasis was placed on improving the level of professional skills, theoretical, socio-political and physical training of officers, educating young soldiers in the spirit of patriotism and the best traditions of the valiant Turkmen army.

Then President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, addressing the participants of the meeting, focused on the priority areas of the upcoming work.

Speaking about the importance of taking comprehensive steps to maintain economic growth in Turkmenistan, the President ordered to improve the mechanisms that stimulate the processes of diversification of industries, increasing the list of competitive domestic products and their exports. Stressing that in modern conditions, special attention is paid to the sustainable development of the transport sector, the head of state instructed to expand the capabilities of the logistics system.

Among the key directions for the near future, compliance with the quality requirements and deadlines for the completion of construction of facilities that are planned to be commissioned on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the country's neutrality was determined. At the same time, it was instructed to ensure the proper level of all events planned in honor of this significant date.

Touching upon the issues of preparation for the upcoming holidays of national and international significance, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov ordered to organize them properly.

During the meeting, the Turkmen leader noted that on Sunday, May 24, “Oraza Bayramy” will be widely celebrated. Congratulating the participants of the meeting and all Turkmen citizens on the upcoming holiday, the President of Turkmenistan addressed wishes of good health and a prosperous life to all.

Then, addressing the members of the Cabinet of Ministers, the head of state stressed that on May 25, the Day of the city of Ashgabat will be solemnly marked, which is a significant event for the residents of the capital.

In the modern era, our capital is thriving, many white marble buildings have been erected, and the city borders are expanding. Ashgabat has turned into a political and business center of international level. "We will continue to pay great attention to the comprehensive development of the capital of our independent, permanently neutral state," the President of Turkmenistan said.

Concluding the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov wished the participants good health, family well-being and success in their work. Then, after leaving the building of the Cabinet of Ministers, the head of state rode a Bicycle to the Oguzhan Palace complex.

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