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Ashgabat hosted the Cup of Federation of martial arts "hanmudo" universal battle

Ashgabat hosted the Cup of Federation of martial arts "hanmudo" universal battle

In Ashgabat, on the basis of the Federation of martial arts "hanmudo", the Cup of this sports organization for universal combat in the" light " section was held, mainly with the participation of young athletes. This is reported by the newspaper "Neutral Turkmenistan".

The “hanmudo” Federation of martial arts (Korean martial arts) universal combat Cup was held as part of the selection competitions, which will determine the participants of the championship of Turkmenistan, which is scheduled to be held in Ashgabat from June 17 to 20. The "light" section means a light version, where fights are held only with the use of wrestling equipment, while the use of painful and suffocating techniques is allowed.

The hero of the Federation Cup draw was Ashgabat's Shohrat Ovezov, who won two gold medals in the men's group of participants. The 19-year-old pupil of the master of sports Shohrat Allayev performed in two weight categories — in his own (up to 75 kilograms) and in the heavier (up to 85 kg), where he won unconditional and beautiful victories.

Among the juniors, the brothers Ata (10 years old) and Yakup (11 years old) Jumadurdiev’s from the team of Ashgabat, who for the first time rose to the top step of the podium in the national tournament. Both winners are the successors of the sports dynasty of martial artists, training under the guidance of their father — Yagmyr Jumadurdiev.

In an interview with the Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper, Chairman of the “hanmudo” Federation of martial arts, honored coach of the country Orif Buharakov said that next month they will make their debut online competition. On June 20, the first international virtual championship will be held on the Internet under the auspices of the world martial arts organization F-1, which includes the above-mentioned sports organization from Turkmenistan. The tournament will be held under the motto "We defeat corona" (we will win the crown), supporting the movement against the spread of COVID-19.

Competitions include demonstration of physical fitness (performing certain exercises), speed and setting of strikes, and performance with special items. Virtual fights for strength and dexterity will be evaluated by a panel of judges consisting of the heads of federations of participating countries, determining the best of the best by awarding points. The Turkmen fighters ' rivals will be martial artists from about 20 countries — Germany, the Republic of Korea, India, Kuwait, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and other countries.

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