Rice sowing started in Dashoguz velayat

Rice sowing started in Dashoguz velayat

Farmers of Dashoguz velayat started sowing "pearl" grain today. This year, the crop will be placed on an area of 8 thousand 100 hectares, from which it is planned to receive 35 thousand tons of rice, the state news Agency of Turkmenistan reports.

Almost the entire area of the rice wedge is located in the etrap named after S. Turkmenbashi, where the necessary conditions have been created for obtaining high yields of "pearl" grain and a modern rice cleaning enterprise operates, which supplies consumers with high-quality products, as well as providing specialized farms with seed material. In the region, rice varieties "Nukus-2", "Munbashi" and "Alenga" that have proven themselves in local soil and climatic conditions are cultivated.

Thanks to state investments, the Dashoguz velayat has developed a developed industrial infrastructure. The region has a large fleet of modern specialized equipment, the necessary capacity for storage and processing of grown products.

In recent years, representatives of the country's business community have been increasingly developing this niche of agricultural production.

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