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Mary markets received bananas grown in Turkmenistan

Mary markets received bananas grown in Turkmenistan

Every week, 500 kilograms of bananas grown in a specialized greenhouse of the “Ferkhar” economic society are delivered to retail outlets in the city of Mary, the official website of the UIET reports.

Currently, there is an active harvest, and the number of flowering plants allows us to speak about its stability. The plant, which is exotic for Turkmenistan, took root well in the favorable conditions created for it and began to bear fruit intensively. At the same time, their own seedlings are being prepared for autumn planting.

Banana greenhouse, located on an area of one hectare in the Sakarchage etrap of the Mary velayat, has been producing good harvests of exotic beers for our country for two years. Entrepreneurs have successfully mastered the technologies and subtleties of growing a tropical plant.

Note that an exotic, high-quality and environmentally friendly product is in demand in the country.

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