Speech by the President of Turkmenistan at the Summit of the Turkic Council

Speech by the President of Turkmenistan at the Summit of the Turkic Council

Dear participants of the summit!

I cordially welcome you and wish you all good health and success in your state and international activities.

I Express my deep gratitude to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the distinguished Ilham Aliyev, for the initiative to organize this summit, which provides us with a good opportunity to discuss the most important issues of a global nature that affect all countries of the world.

It is obvious that today humanity is faced with a new, extremely serious challenge that covers vast geographical areas and affects the lives of many States and peoples.

In this regard, we need to exchange views and work out coordinated steps to successfully counter this threat. I am convinced that in the current difficult conditions, we must show the best qualities inherent in our peoples-humanism, mutual support and solidarity.

Today, we need special responsibility, balance and foresight when making certain decisions. We must build on the awareness that only through joint efforts can we achieve results.

As a responsible member of the international community, Turkmenistan has established close and active contacts with The United Nations, its specialized bodies and agencies, and, above all, with the World Health Organization, since the first days of this threat.

In Turkmenistan, a set of measures aimed at preventing the spread of a new type of infection, the COVID – 19 coronaviruses, was taken in a timely manner.

In particular, the border, migration and customs regimes were gradually strengthened. At the same time, restrictions on Turkmenistan's air traffic with foreign countries were imposed objectively dictated by the situation.

Directly inside the country, the entire health care system was mobilized in a timely manner to counter the new threat. All necessary equipment is purchased for healthcare institutions, and today they are equipped with the most modern equipment, personal protective equipment, test systems, medical preparations and other necessary means.

Today, our country has a clear system of sanitary and phytosanitary control and veterinary supervision. In this context, teams consisting of specialists from the Ministry of health and medical industry, the Ministry of agriculture and environmental protection, and other relevant state bodies of Turkmenistan work at all checkpoints across The state border.

Their main task is to carry out a set of measures to ensure a high level of sanitation and hygiene, disinfection, decontamination of territories and other areas.

The most important element in the fight against coronavirus is educational work. These activities are carried out among all segments of the population – in kindergartens, secondary and higher educational institutions, military units, enterprises and institutions. People are explained the norms of social behavior, rules of personal hygiene, and other necessary information.

As a result of timely measures taken, the sanitary and epidemiological situation in Turkmenistan is stable and under control. All necessary work in this direction will continue. Because our main priority is ensuring the safety, life and health of people, and the state will make every effort to do this

Dear participants of the video summit!

Understanding the gravity of the situation, Turkmenistan believes that in the current conditions it is necessary to ensure the stability and stability of trade and economic relations, transport links between States.

In close cooperation with our partners, first of all, with neighboring States, Turkmenistan is carrying out the necessary work to ensure that these relations are regular, so that reliable mutual supply and transit transport schemes are maintained.

In this context, I would like to note that thanks to the coordinated joint efforts of Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan, the ferry service across the Caspian Sea between the ports of Turkmenbashi and Baku continues to operate, which is an important transport artery that provides cargo flows over a vast geo-economic space.
Joint actions in the region with our partners allow us to ensure the normal operation of transport corridors along the East-West and North-South lines.

In General, I must say that all our States represent a natural territory through which international cooperation in Eurasia is carried out. This fact imposes a special responsibility on us, and the current and future stability of economic processes on the continent depends to a large extent on the coherence and coordination of our actions.

The most important aspect of the effectiveness of our joint actions is to establish close cooperation in the field of health. I believe that in the current difficult conditions, the exchange of accumulated experience and knowledge in the fight against coronavirus, the development of new methods for the treatment and prevention of dangerous infectious diseases, the creation of modern medicines, and the introduction of new technologies are of particular value.

At this stage, I propose to consider such a form of cooperation as organizing teleconferences, video conferences, and other types of remote communication on a bilateral and multilateral basis with the involvement of practitioners, scientists, experts, other representatives of the medical community, as well as other structures and agencies related to countering the new threat and overcoming the crisis situation associated with it.

Dear participants of the summit!

Our main goal is to protect people's health and life. And here, the humane attitude and universal support of those citizens who, due to the circumstances, remained outside their countries becomes important.

As fraternal States United by a common history and high spiritual and social values, we must fully demonstrate them today.

In this regard, I would like to sincerely thank you for your kind attitude and concern for the citizens of Turkmenistan who are currently in your countries. For my part, I want to assure you that the same attitude has always been, is and will be shown to the citizens of your countries who are located on the territory of Turkmenistan.

I am confident that in this difficult period we will be able to overcome the difficulties together with dignity and honor, and further strengthen our cooperation and fraternal relations.

Thank you all for your attention.

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