President of Turkmenistan inspected new buildings of Bouygues company

President of Turkmenistan inspected new buildings of Bouygues company

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov made a working trip around the capital, getting acquainted with the situation on major construction sites. On Thursday, the head of state inspected new buildings being built in the South of Ashgabat, where its new administrative and business center is being formed. Among them are the complexes of buildings of the “Halk Maslahaty” administration and the Congress center of Turkmenistan, a fashionable hotel, and the Government tribune.

As reported by the state news Agency of Turkmenistan, currently the construction of objects is carried out at a high rate, based on the latest achievements in this field with the use of the most modern construction materials.

At the complex of buildings of the “Halk Maslahaty” Apparatus, projects were demonstrated that allow you to get a visual idea of the design, interiors and furnishing of the complex's premises. A representative of the French company Bouygues presented the head of state with sketches and diagrams concerning mainly the decoration of the building.

Speaking about the importance of equipping the complex with modern, including digital technologies, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov focused on the need for a systematic approach to solving issues of creating conditions for fruitful work and holding mass events at a high level.

After inquiring about the features and aesthetic characteristics of finishing materials, the President familiarized himself with the projects presented. After making a number of comments on them and making appropriate amendments, the head of state stressed that special attention should be paid to quality indicators when performing construction works.

As the President of Turkmenistan noted, when constructing new facilities in this part of the city, it is necessary to take into account the local natural landscape, modern new buildings should be in harmony with each other.

Focusing on the decoration of the building and the various tools used here, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov instructed to ensure a high level of quality of work and their compliance with the requirements, emphasizing that the materials used must be strong and durable. It was also noted that the complex under construction should carry a bright national color.

Then the head of state went to the complex of buildings of the Congress center. After reviewing in detail each of the projects and decor sketches presented here, the President of Turkmenistan instructed the contractor to ensure the highest construction standards and quality of all work, and timely commissioning of the complex's facilities.

The large-sized building of the Congress center covers an area of 47,464 square meters. Its height is 38.65 meters, width-190 meters. The building is located on an area of 93.7 thousand square meters. All three objects included in the structure of the complex have a common architectural solution, forming a single ensemble.

Continuing the inspection, the President noted that in recent years, Ashgabat has become a center for major regional and global forums, so the objects being built here must meet high international standards.

In this regard, it is necessary to provide all the conditions for holding events of various levels and international conferences in the building of the Congress center. It is necessary to pay attention to the design and equipment of the complex, taking into account its versatility.

As the President of Turkmenistan noted, the use of the best world experience and achievements in the field of architecture, modern construction and decorative materials in the construction of objects is of great importance from the point of view of aesthetics and ecology.

Then President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov got acquainted with the work being done on the construction of the reception Center, which is part of the complex.

Noting that special attention should also be paid to the quality characteristics of the construction and finishing materials used, as well as to the use of elements of national decoration, the head of state made a number of specific recommendations in this context. Along with this, instructions were given for landscaping and landscaping of the territory adjacent to the complex.

The comprehensive urban planning program, as well as the strategy of socio-economic development of Ashgabat as a whole, is focused on solving the tasks set on the basis of innovative approaches, the use of advanced technologies and developments. Speaking about this, the head of state once again stressed that taking into account the scope of construction, it is necessary to pay special attention to ensuring a high level of quality of objects and the specifics of national architecture.

When constructing new buildings, it is necessary to provide for their targeted and well-thought-out operation, the creation of a comprehensive social and household, engineering and transport and communication infrastructure.

Continuing his working trip, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov proceeded to the fashionable “Arkadag” hotel, which is being built between Archabil and Chandybil avenues. Here, the head of state was presented with prepared projects and schemes that reflect the features of the decor of the hotel complex and details of its equipment.

Getting acquainted with the state of Affairs at the facility, the President noted that the main criterion for the construction of the hotel is to ensure impeccable quality of work, an organic combination of modern trends with the best traditions of national architecture.

This requirement, including compliance with environmental standards and guidance on the achievements of industry science, the Turkmen leader said, applies equally to all buildings and structures being built in the country. Taking into account the specifics of the object, it must meet international standards in all respects, including equipment and finishing.

Focusing on the interior design of the hotel rooms and rooms, the head of state stressed that elements of national decor and other exclusive details should be actively used here. At the same time, the conditions created in the hotel complex must fully meet the requirements for objects of this kind.

The new hotel should also impress guests with its architectural appearance, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted, instructing to keep the progress of work on the new building under proper control.

Then the head of state proceeded to the location of the new government tribune.

After viewing the new building, which has a total area of 20 thousand 450 square meters, the President of the country noted that large-scale celebrations will be held here, which makes it necessary to create all conditions for organizing festive events at a high level. By the way, there is a vast panorama of the Turkmen capital from here.

Special attention should be paid to the decoration of the rostrum and landscaping of the surrounding area, taking into account the environmental aspect, the head of state said, giving specific instructions to the relevant leaders.

In order to continue familiarizing with the ongoing work on the development of the capital, the Turkmen leader reviewed projects on landscaping and further improvement of the ecological state of the city, making a number of comments on them and making appropriate adjustments.

As the head of state noted, the steps taken in this direction are aimed at creating a favorable environmental environment that has a positive impact on the health of the population.

The Turkmen leader stressed that the objects under construction are designed to further beautify the architectural appearance of Ashgabat and addressed instructions concerning the improvement of the city and maintaining its cleanliness.

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