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Internet trade in Turkmenistan is expanding its capabilities

Internet trade in Turkmenistan is expanding its capabilities

Internet trade in our country is gaining momentum. It is beneficial both for consumers who can get acquainted with a wide range of manufacturers in a short period of time, compare prices and choose the right product without leaving home, and for manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services, which the Internet provides a great opportunity to put on sale an unlimited number of products.

Currently, the modern legislative framework of the country provides for the creation and operation of online stores, the number of which is increasing every day. The law of Turkmenistan "On electronic document management and digital services" of March 26 provides for services and goods in digital form, including by small and medium-sized businesses, in particular, through electronic Commerce.

Currently, Internet trade in Turkmenistan is expanding its capabilities

“” - one of the first online stores in our country. Now it offers more than 400 products grouped by category.

Recently opened online platform “Ak Tam Bazary” offers a wide range of opportunities for entrepreneurs to transfer their business to the Internet.

The Internet platform for the delivery of food “” has long been known not only to the residents of Ashgabat, but also to the residents of the velayats. It provides a wide range of establishments that not only bring food to the customer's door, but also provide bonuses, discounts and promotions to regular customers.

From the comfort of your home or office, on the site “” you can purchase the necessary auto parts.

In addition, super markets have also switched to online sales. So a large chain of stores "Kamil-market" launched online trading, offering customers a wide range of food and household goods, perfumes and cosmetics.

A review of online stores in Turkmenistan has also been launched “” providing lists and characteristics of products and services that allow you to make the right choice.

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