The Ministry of culture of Azerbaijan promotes the regime of home quarantine of citizens

The Ministry of culture of Azerbaijan promotes the regime of home quarantine of citizens

To encourage people to stay in self-quarantine at home, the Ministry of culture of Azerbaijan is implementing various cultural initiatives and projects designed to encourage people to stay at home and minimize contact interaction in society, AZERTAJ news Agency reports.

Since March 27, films produced by the "Azerbaijanfilm" Studio have been shown on all TV channels of the country. Given that the screening of films on TV channels is regulated by regulatory rules that provide for obtaining the appropriate permission, this initiative allows TV channels to freely show national films.

According to the Operational headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as of March 28, 17 new cases of COVID-19 were registered in the country. One of the patients died. By that time, 163 people were being treated in special regime hospitals, 23 of them were in serious condition. The Ministry of health of the Republic applies all necessary measures for the treatment of patients.

According to the source, cases of coronavirus infection are detected both among people who arrived in Azerbaijan from abroad and within the country through infection from each other. In addition, several cases of infection have already been detected in the regions of the country.

The special quarantine regime announced in the country on March 24 has been strengthened since the 29th.

In this regard, Azerbaijani citizens should observe self-isolation measures, leave their homes only if they are seriously needed, observe personal hygiene rules, reduce contact with other people to a minimum, do not visit crowded places and observe a special quarantine regime.



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