Andrew Litzky (USA): “It is one of the biggest spectacles that I have ever seen”

Andrew Litzky (USA): “It is one of the biggest spectacles that I have ever seen”

Ashgabat hosted the opening of the international festival "Theatrical art of the era of happiness", which has become a good tradition in the cultural life of the capital. This is the third time the Festival gathers guests from around the world, providing a platform for the demonstration of their art, exchange of professional experience and cooperation. The artist from the USA Andrew Litzky gave interview to special correspondent of 

- Could you briefly comment on this event, about the organization of this event?

- It is one of the biggest spectacles that I have ever seen, and I am a part of. The out on the steps was grand and the costumes and people, the flags all the nations together were very special for all of us here, from the United States and its an honor to be a part of the event. Inside here, was wonderful to see all of the art that people have brought and that was very special.

- What is a different kind of theater, people and what was the specialty of your play today?

- Our company, we do drama. So, what we do is play with scripted texts but the piece we have brought to Turkmenistan also involves the audience in a way, because we pretend that everyone is part of our family. This is the sort of the family reunion and get together. So, we share family stories and allow the audience to remember things about their own family and their own life, so, we include the audience in that. These are small and little portions of the play. Stories are very important to have; they connect us with people. Stories are what makes us a community or family.

-How did you find Ashgabat city?

-City, we enjoy it. Mainly we have been in hotel, although the carpet museum my favorite thing that I have possibly see in my life- the giant carpets and the actual weaving the carpet. Someone was weaving and that was amazing. It’s been our honor to be taken to different cultural institutions by the Ministry of Culture and we look forward for tomorrow


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