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Muhammad Asif Noor (Pakistan): “Turkmenistan is making progress day by day”

Muhammad Asif Noor (Pakistan): “Turkmenistan is making progress day by day”

The international exhibition and conference "Education and sport in the era of power and happiness", organized by the Ministry of education and the Ministry of sports and youth policy of Turkmenistan, opened today in the exhibition center of the chamber of commerce and industry in Ashgabat. The venue of the exhibition Director of the Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies Muhammad Asif Noor gave an interview to the special correspondent "Turkmenportal".

- Please tell briefly about yourself. What did you present and introduced in your presentation? And how was the organization of the exhibition?

- Thank you very much. Turkmenistan is always just like my second home because I feel comfortable when I used to come to Turkmenistan and especially Ashgabat. We fall in love with Ashgabat when you see its beauty. I had been here many times to different conferences because of my institute – Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies. Assigned two agreements of cooperation with two institutions of Turkmenistan. One is the International University for the Humanities and Development, and the second one is the Institute for International Relations under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan. For the last time, under the initiatives of the Institute of International Relations, I was invited to attend the First Caspian Economic Forum. This time, I am here, to attend the International Exhibition and Scientific Conference on Education and Sport; I presented my presentation on the role of the youth for the promotion of sport and education. Because, if you just see there is a lot of youth in Turkmenistan and even in Pakistan. In Pakistan, we have more than 60 % of the total population they are youth, and our population is 220 million. So, I think if we measure with Turkmenistan, you have less population, but mostly the population is youth. So, we need to pay much attention to youth and I am happy that the President of Turkmenistan, his Excellency Mr. Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov is paying much attention to the youth and his providing so many opportunities, especially in sports sphere and education. 

-How do you evaluate Sport and Youth policy in Turkmenistan?

- I have seen so many activities about sports and yesterday and today we were also in the Institute of Sport and Culture of Turkmenistan. I have seen the opportunities which His Excellency honorable President of Turkmenistan is providing to the youth. There are excellent opportunities I have seen sports facilities by the President, that Turkmen youth participate in horse riding and other spheres sports; and I hope that in upcoming Olympics, Turkmenistan will win some of the medals. Yesterday, there was a football match between Turkmenistan and North Korea, and on the behalf of the people of Pakistan, I congratulate the Turkmen nation, that they have won the match against North Korea. So, I hope that due to the much attention which is paying by the honorable President of Turkmenistan, now the Turkmen youth will win many medals for Turkmenistan. So, every time when I used to come here, I used to meet with many scholars, professors, intellectuals around the across the world, because Turkmenistan government provides us opportunity to have interactions with the scholars, professors, to sit together and share their value impulse with each other and definitely with the permit of Turkmenistan they use to present their presentation and also Turkmen professors, intellectuals share their presentations and we come to know about their progress in different spheres of life. The Turkmen nation is making progress in education and sports fields. So, I always wondering that Ashgabat and many other beautiful cities of Turkmenistan, are developed by the honorable President and he is paying much attention to the development, not only in sports but also in science and technology. 

- Which kind of progress would you comment on this exhibition?

- This time in the exhibition I have seen there was much change. They are focusing much on technology and especially in the technology transfer from the developed countries and there were from Germany, the USA, the UK, Singapore, Japan and also from Kazakhstan and other countries. So, I am very much happy that in capital under the leadership of his Excellency Mr. Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, Turkmenistan is making progress day by day, and hopefully, I see this Turkmen nation on the top of the nations of the world. My best wishes to this beautiful country and the beautiful people of Turkmenistan. Thank you.  



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