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Turkmenistan's first BookCrossing opened in Ashgabat

Turkmenistan's first BookCrossing opened in Ashgabat

The first BookCrossing point "Kitap nokady" in Turkmenistan, was opened in Ashgabat. Booklovers will be able to exchange books they read on the first such point, which was opened in the Rahat Coffee cafe of the Berkarar shopping center.

A small bookcase with bright stickers was installed by the Readit online store on the second floor of the shopping center. Now everyone can bring and leave at the point of book exchange already read editions of fiction, children, professional literature, and take something to read.

The essence of bookcrossing is simple — after reading a book, a person brings it to a certain place, where he leaves it or exchanges it for another, and someone else takes his book. This allows you to save the resources that are used for the production of printed products, and also helps to get rid of unnecessary books, not throwing them away, but giving it to everyone.

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