Caspian route of supply of Turkmen oil products

Caspian route of supply of Turkmen oil products

Another large batch of diesel fuel was sent from Turkmenistan to Ukraine. The production of the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries-4.3 thousand tons-was delivered to the seaport of Kherson by the tanker "Glard 3".

Fuel on the Ukrainian market was supplied by the company "Skywalk Trading", which cooperates with" Turkmen Petroleum " – trading structure TKOPF. In August, this company delivered to Ukraine six tankers with Turkmen diesel fuel, that is, more than 25 thousand tons.

Oil products from Turkmenistan are delivered to sea and river ports of Ukraine – Kherson, Zaporozhye, Odessa – through the Caspian Sea on the Volga-don shipping channel, the Azov and Black seas. From an economic point of view, this route is the most profitable. Deliveries are usually carried out from April to November, that is, with the opening of navigation.

Over the past five months, Skywalk Trading has organized the supply of more than 60 thousand tons of Turkmen diesel fuel to the Ukrainian market. In addition, several tankers were sent by international companies "Maddox "(UAE) and" Astra Energy " (Switzerland), which are also among the regular buyers of petrochemical products of Turkmenistan.

These companies took part in the first Caspian economic forum. At the auction held by the state commodity exchange of Turkmenistan, Astra Energy purchased 10 thousand tons of hydro treated diesel fuel manufactured by TKOPF, as well as 30 thousand tons of urea of the highest grade produced by the new plant in Garabogaz.  In turn, "Maddox" entered into transactions for the purchase of 15 thousand tons of hydro treated diesel fuel ESO-5

Active participation in the auction was attended and the company "TurkmenPetroleum", whose main office is located in Dubai (UAE). It purchased large quantities of hydrotreated diesel fuel and ECO 93 motor gasoline.

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