Bülent Tuzcu (Rönesans Holding): "We built the highest building in Europe"

Bülent Tuzcu (Rönesans Holding): "We built the highest building in Europe"

The International Exhibition Turkmen Construction-2019 continues its work in Ashgabat, during which the achievements and prospects of development of Turkmenistan in the field of construction, as well as priority areas of cooperation in this field are demonstrated. The Turkish construction company Rönesans Holding presented its stand at this review of achievements, whose project director Bülent Tuzcu gave an exclusive interview for Turkmenportal. 

— Please tell us about the exhibition projects and their specialties? 

— We are constructing Garagum Hotel and Nusay Hotel. The Garagum Hotel is 87 rooms and Nusay Hotel is 134 rooms. In Garagum Hotel has wedding salon for 500 peoples and restaurant for 500 people. The Garagum Hotel can provide 87 rooms for business offices about 800-1000 square metre. There is also indoor swimming-pool with sauna and spa-center. 

— What does it look like from outside the architecture of the building Garagum Hotel? 

— It looks like the flower in Garagum desert. 

— What is the difference between the new Nusay Hotel from previous Nusay Hotel? 

— The new Nusay Hotel's rooms are higher and wider than the old Nusay Hotel. The old Nusay Hotel constructed according to old standards and the rooms also small. The new Nusay Hotel constructs by new standards and rooms are bigger and higher than the old one, and quality is high. There is outer swimming-pool and indoor swimming-pool in the old Nusay Hotel, but in the new Nusay Hotel’s pools are better quality and there will be a sauna and spa center in swimming-pool. 

— What are your expectations after this exhibition?

— Generally, we work on industrial projects. There is Ashgabat-City project will be constructed in the future. For example, we built the highest building in Europe the Lakhta Center in Sant Petersburg. We are very good at the construction of high buildings. The Ashgabat-City project has a lot of high buildings such as 35 floors. We have the skills to build 450 metre high buildings. 

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